Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 505: Amputate his "third leg"

Chapter 505: Amputate his "third leg"

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From the photo, the two of them really seemed quite intimate.

However, what caught Ye Wanwan's attention was that she found this woman somewhat familiar.

Ye Wanwan enlarged the photo to take a closer look and increasingly felt like she had seen this woman somewhere, and it seemed quite recent...

Weird, who could it be?

Ye Wanwan was deep in thought. "From the photo, this woman looks like she's in her twenties, definitely older than Chu Feng. She doesn't look like the type Chu Feng likes, right?"

"Who knows..." Jiang Yan Ran's face was pale as she mumbled and downed her glass.

Song Zi Hang already left a deep wound on Jiang Yan Ran. If Chu Feng truly went behind her back...

Also, I was the one who brought Chu Feng and Jiang Yan Ran together.

Darn it!

This Chu Feng - I helped him so much and if he really dared to cheat, I'll amputate his third leg [1]!

Jiang Yan Ran filled their glasses to the brim. "Have a drink with me?"

Ye Wanwan frowned. "Yan Ran, stop drinking! We can't jump to a conclusion without figuring out exactly what's going on. We'll find a chance to ask him out and talk about it!"

Jiang Yan Ran closed her eyes. "But... Wanwan... I don't want to... I don't want to talk about it..."

Ye Wanwan sighed softly. She knew it wasn't that Jiang Yan Ran didn't want to talk about it - it was more that she didn't dare.

"Oh oh oh——" An ear-piercing howl resounded in the bar.

In the middle of the stage, there was a stripper and her performance was very provocative - not fit to be seen.

Not far off, Song Jing couldn't get his eyes off her. I didn't expect that I would have such benefits just from making this trip.

Liu Ying's face was gloomy. Staring at Ye Wanwan speaking to Jiang Yan Ran, his face turned even nastier.

A girl coming to a place like this at this hour? She's just dirty and corrupted...

At the messy bar, Ye Wanwan was wearing a white blouse paired with jeans. She looked very out of place.

She was dressed so ordinarily and didn't even have any makeup on, but her clear eyes and attractive looks with skin as white as snow was like a huge source of light, attracting tons of attention the moment she stepped into the bar.

At this moment, in the VIP glass booth upstairs:

"Damn! Young master Chen, a... a premium good just walked in!" Someone stared in a specific direction without blinking.

The wealthy prince holding a drink next to him stepped over. "You're so damn noisy! What premium good?"

"There, over there..."

The prince looked in the direction of Jiang Yan Ran and wasn't impressed. "Isn't she just a lonely, dejected and drunk girl? Haven't you seen a woman before?"

That girl didn't look too shabby, but he already tried countless beauties in Imperial City so he was sick of girls looking like this.

The lackey next to him exclaimed, "No! Not her! It's the one beside the one in red, that chick in the white blouse!"

"Next to her?" The prince moved his gaze a few inches and saw the woman sitting across the girl in red.

After he saw the girl clearly, the prince's hand holding the drink paused in midair and his eyes couldn't move away...

Damn! A premium good indeed!

Didn't expect that I could see such a rare beauty in Scarlet...

Downstairs, Ye Wanwan was trying to help Jiang Yan Ran up, "Yan Ran, be good and stop drinking. It's getting late so let's head back home first. I'll go with you to meet Chu Feng another day, alright..."

Jiang Yan Ran was completely drunk now, so Ye Wanwan had to use all her strength and finally managed to help her up.

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