Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 501: Is it that hard to say something sweet

Chapter 501: Is it that hard to say something sweet

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Master bedroom upstairs:

Ye Wanwan finally finished reading all the documents. With so much complicated data and information, she would've collapsed if not for her powerful memory.

At this moment, she heard a deep hoarse voice, "Was it fun to read?"

Ye Wanwan immediately turned and looked at the man who had just woken up. "What do you think? I really have no idea how you read these documents to the point where you neglected sleep and forgot about eating! I've only read them for a day and I feel like puking already! Hurry, come over, let me take a look at your face to refresh my eyes!"

Si Ye Han chuckled. His smile was like flower petals drifting out of those deep eyes.

Seeing his smile, Ye Wanwan was dumbstruck.

Damn! That should be illegal!

This is my very first time seeing the great devil smiling so... gently...

The effect of this eyewash is amazing!

Ye Wanwan heaved a quiet sigh of relief when she saw his rare smile. "Do you feel more energized now?"

Si Ye Han: "En."

Ye Wanwan leaned over, planted a kiss on his face and smiled sweetly. "Don't you feel much better now? Batteries recharged! Get up and have a bite first; I'll give you a report when you're done."

After Si Ye Han washed up, Ye Wanwan asked the kitchen to bring some breakfast over and when they were done with breakfast, she started helping him deal with some work.

In the study, Si Ye Han leaned against the sofa silently and Ye Wanwan sat opposite. The fresh scent of grass, after a rain, wafted in through the window and entwined with the girl's soothing voice.

Everything she was reading was extremely troublesome and obscure business affairs mired in minor details that caused one to be frustrated, yet he didn't feel stifled at all. Instead, he wished that she would continue reading like that...

In the blink of an eye, a day went by. Si Ye Han rested and worked at the same time and managed to deal with all the documents.

At night, Ye Wanwan sat in front of the dresser after a shower.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Ye Wanwan was a little doubtful.

With her abilities, there wasn't much she could accomplish now. At most, she could give a summary report and help him send some emails, but he still had to make the final decision.

Through the mirror, Ye Wanwan shot a glance at Si Ye Han who was sitting on the sofa behind her and couldn't help but ask, "That, Si Ye Han, I suddenly realized that... you're still the one who has to use your brain power! Is it any help that I merely tidy up the documents and read them to you?"

Even though Si Ye Han's face was still slightly pale, he was in pretty good spirits. After he heard her question, he placed the bowl of medicine down, glanced at the girl then replied plainly, "Logically speaking, it's not of much use."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, her head drooped instantly. "Oh... then didn't I just do something worthless?"

Si Ye Han then replied casually, "I didn't say this has to be logical."

Ye Wanwan turned around, confused, "Ah? What do you mean?"

Si Ye Han: "The literal meaning."

Ye Wanwan: "So what are you trying to say exactly?" I still don't get it!

Si Ye Han: "Find out yourself."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

What the h***, find out myself?

Ye Wanwan racked her brain and it circled more than ten rounds.

After a very long time, she finally got it. She looked at the cold and dashing man with a darkened expression, "Why can't you just say that because the person reading the documents and accompanying you to deal with work is your darling cutie (me) so you feel extremely blessed, entirely free from worries and very productive, huh?"

"Why must you beat around the bush, is it that hard to say something sweet..." Ye Wanwan complained, rather displeased.

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