Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 502: You teach me

Chapter 502: You teach me

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It was all thanks to her high perceptiveness that she was able to understand that...

Si Ye Han looked at the girl's upset little expression and said, "You teach me."

Ye Wanwan felt speechless and replied, "I think..."

You're probably unteachable... you have no potential...

Ye Wanwan obviously didn't dare to speak the truth and said with utter seriousness, "Hm, I think you don't have to learn; all you have to do is rely on your looks!"

When Si Ye Han heard that, he raised his brows - clearly, this wasn't what she intended to say.

Ye Wanwan hopped over, sat next to Si Ye Han and looked at him with her hand supporting her head. "Why don't you teach me instead? Teach me how to deal with all these matters so when I'm good at it, I can help share your burden!"

Hearing this, Si Ye Han's expression became serious. "You want to learn?"

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows slightly. Actually, I'm not too sure either...

Probably sensing Ye Wanwan's hesitation, Si Ye Han looked deep into her eyes. "Let me know when you've made up your mind."

Ye Wanwan replied, "No need, I've already decided."

She knew what this decision entailed but from the moment she chose to intervene during the trip to country B, many things were no longer up to her anymore...

Ye Wanwan was in a daze when her phone started ringing. It was Jiang Yan Ran.

When Ye Wanwan saw that it was from Jiang Yan Ran, she suddenly recalled that the summer holiday was almost over and time had gone by in a flash.

As she had been really busy during the summer break, she didn't have much time to keep in touch with Jiang Yan Ran and the others.

Jiang Yan Ran was a very good seedling; although she promised Ye Wanwan she would ask her to be her manager if she entered the entertainment industry, after they got along so well, Jiang Yan Ran now felt like more than just a future partner to her - she was a friend.

No matter what her choice was in the future, Ye Wanwan wouldn't force her.

"It's Jiang Yan Ran calling."

Ye Wanwan informed Si Ye Han then answered the call, "Hello, Yan Ran?"


"I was about to call you myself to ask if you wanted to go to school together in a few days time," Ye Wanwan said.

"Sure! We'll go together then..."

Ye Wanwan was about to continue speaking but she was very sharp and noticed something off with Jiang Yan Ran's voice. "What's the matter? Why do you sound so down?"

"I..." Jiang Yan Ran hesitated to speak.

Ye Wanwan knitted her brows when she heard some vague noises and music in Jiang Yan Ran's background. "Why's it so noisy on your end? Where are you?"

Jiang Yan Ran ignored her question. She remained silent for a while before slowly speaking, "Wanwan, I might... be breaking up..."

Ye Wanwan was stunned. "What did you say?"

Why so suddenly?

Seeing that Ye Wanwan had a sudden change in expression, Si Ye Han cast a sideways glance at her.

"Why're you breaking up all of a sudden? What happened with Chu Feng?" Ye Wanwan asked anxiously.

There was silence at the other end for some time before Jiang Yan Ran's voice was heard: "Lately... when he was going out with me... he was seeing another girl at the same time..."

"What did you say? How is that possible?!" Ye Wanwan was in shock like she just heard the most unbelievable thing.

Even if you gave Chu Feng a hundred guts, he would never dare to do such a thing!

"Yan Ran, could it be that you were mistaken?" Ye Wanwan hurriedly asked.

Jiang Yan Ran laughed bitterly. "Mistaken? I noticed something was off with him, but I didn't think much about it until one day when I saw him shopping with that girl with my own eyes. I stood outside the shop and called him, but he lied and told me he was at home."

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