Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 500: I know very well what I'm doing

Chapter 500: I know very well what I'm doing

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When she told Si Ye Han directly that she wanted to see these documents, he didn't have any objections.

Before, I always thought Si Ye Han didn't put his guard up around me because he viewed me as an unimportant plaything, but who would allow a plaything to meddle with such important matters?

Thinking about it carefully, Si Ye Han deliberately allowed me to meddle in the company's affairs in the past life several times - probably to increase my influence and carve a path for my future, but I thought he was making life difficult for me, so I messed things up and caused more resentment instead...


Downstairs, Xu Yi was briefing the servants on some issues when Liu Ying stomped in.

Xu Yi saw him and greeted him, "Liu Ying, you're back?"

Liu Ying's face was rigid as he replied, "Xu Yi, come here for awhile."

Noticing that Liu Ying didn't look too good, Xu Yi anticipated a storm brewing as he dismissed the servants and followed Liu Ying into the courtyard.

The two of them walked in single file to a corner in the courtyard where there was no one around.

Xu Yi had just stopped in his tracks when Liu Ying turned around swiftly and threw a punch at Xu Yi's face.

The punch landed so quickly and Xu Yi was completely caught off-guard; his face was smashed by the fist and his head started to buzz.

Liu Ying looked as if his entire being was set ablaze by fury. "Xu Yi! Not only did you forget who you are, but you even forgot who your master is, huh?!"

Xu Yi took a very long time before he returned to his senses from the dizziness. He stood up and looked firmly into the eyes of the teenager. "What are you trying to say?"

Liu Ying sneered, "What am I saying? I'm referring to the way you kneel and suck up to that woman!"

Xu Yi responded without any expression, "Liu Ying, be careful of your words! Don't forget that Miss Wanwan saved master's life before - she saved all of us, including yourself!"

Liu Ying scoffed. "So that's your reason? If it wasn't for that incident, do you think I would tolerate everything up till now?"

"I didn't want things to be this way, but she actually stopped master from going for that operation! Do you know master will be killed by her?"

"Furthermore, she just received a tip from that mole before - how can you give her all the credit? Who is she to interfere with the company's affairs? Who is she to order us around and even humiliate Miss Ruo Xi?!"

Xu Yi remained silent after listening to Liu Ying.

Those things Ye Wanwan did weren't informed by the mole at all - the mole was long dead. If it wasn't for Ye Wanwan, all of them would have died.

Although Xu Yi didn't know why Ye Wanwan would know those things, he believed she didn't have any malicious intentions towards the master.

But he couldn't tell Liu Ying all this; Liu Ying's bias against Ye Wanwan was too strong. If he found out Ye Wanwan had no explanation for knowing so much, it would probably bring up more problems.

Seeing that Xu Yi was keeping silent, Liu Ying's gaze turned icier. "What? Don't have anything to say? You've been completely bribed and blinded by that woman!"

Xu Yi stared at Liu Ying resolutely and mouthed each word clearly, "Liu Ying, the three month's time frame is not up yet and before there is an outcome, we can't simply arrive at a conclusion."

"Also, Miss Wanwan is not what you see on the surface - she's not just a dumb and weak princess; on the contrary, she's brave, smart and calm."

"Even if some insider information was tipped off by the mole, ask yourself honestly; as a woman, she was able to successfully deceive the brutal and vicious Murderous Blood Gang while remaining calm and composed in that sort of situation - do you really think that was pure luck?"

"Liu Ying, you're always judging her based on your emotions and you've lost your objectivity. I don't want to debate with you right now."

Xu Yi said his piece then wiped the blood on his mouth with the back of his hand. "Also, I know very well what I'm doing!"

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