Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 50: Do we really have to kiss?

Chapter 50: Do we really have to kiss?

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Thanks to Si Xia's words, rehearsal could begin.

The others were initially unwilling but because of Si Xia's authority, they could only hold their anger in and start rehearsal obediently.

Ye Wan Wan shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, let's do it then, we'll see how long you can last .

Si Xia didn't have many parts in the play and was asleep on the seat by the window while waiting for his turn. Then the final act came and someone went to carefully wake him up.

"That... Si Xia, it's your turn..."

The next part of the play was when the seven dwarves placed Snow White into the crystal glass coffin and the prince from the neighbouring country rushed over on a white horse and kissed Snow White affectionately to revive her.

Si Xia furrowed his brows, opened his eyes and was greeted by everyone's sympathetic and pitiful gaze like they were in mourning.

What kind of look is that?

Ye Wan Wan jumped onto the table prepared for her. With her legs dangling off the side, she pulled out her makeup bag and remarked, "Give me a moment, let me touch up!"

She darkened her eyeshadow, applied more blush and put on purple lipstick. The effect was striking to the max!

"OK, I'm ready." Ye Wan Wan laid down on her back after applying her lipstick.

Under the murderous glares from the girls, Si Xia tousled his hair still messy from sleep, unbuttoned the top button on his collar and walked towards the girl.

Seeing the girl's green explosive wig, ghastly heavy metal makeup, non-mainstream skeleton tattoos and purplish-black lips, the boy felt queasy.

Bearing in mind the idea that an early death meant early relief, Si Xia took a deep breath and slowly lowered his body...

He drew the lot himself, so he had to go on even if he had to kneel!

"Ah, don't!" The girl was so frightened that she closed her eyes immediately as if the performance wasn't a fairytale but a horror movie.

"Damn. he's not really going to kiss her, right? We're only high school students--we can't go that far! Just a little fake kiss would be enough!"

"Nonsense, of course a fake kiss is enough! But the problem is that the fake kiss alone is already quite hard to bear alright?"


Fake kiss? It was already a miracle that he was three steps away from her.

Perhaps he lowered his body too much. Si Xia suddenly turned around and started coughing wildly. The girls around him looked distressed and quickly brought water and paper towels to him.

Cheng Xue stared at Ye Wan Wan ferociously and was about to cry from seeing Si Xia's expression, "Si Xia, don't make it so hard for yourself anymore, alright?"

Ye Wan Wan got up instantaneously with a look of innocence, "Eh? What's wrong?"

Si Xia gulped down a whole bottle of water before he calmed down and said, "You... Change your lipstick..."

Ye Wan Wan blinked, "After being poisoned by the poison apple, my lips would obviously turn purple. Be reasonable!"

The boy looked like he was about to collapse, "Shut up, just do it!"

"Alright, I'll change then~" Ye Wan Wan pouted and gave the expression that he was being a pain. In the end, she still took out her makeup wipes and removed the purple lipstick for a relatively normal red shade.

"Is this okay?"

Si Xia closed his eyes, "Let's try again."

"Orh." Ye Wan Wan could only lay down again.

Si Xia walked towards Ye Wan Wan again and slowly leaned forward...

Staring at that face slathered with thick makeup and blood-red mouth, this time, Si Xia immediately rushed out of the classroom.

After some time, Si Xia finally came back, looking as if his whole body had been emptied.

Ye Wan Wan was somewhat speechless after seeing that. This guy was going too far; was it worth dying to protect his ego?

It'd be much less trouble to go straight to the teacher to request a change of partner; then I wouldn't have to put in so much effort as well!

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