Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 49: As if he was the one about to be abused

Chapter 49: As if he was the one about to be abused

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After school, the rehearsal was held at the small auditorium in school.

In addition to some actors, there were a few die-hard fans of Si Xia and bodyguards there too. Cheng Xue led a group of blushing girls who swooned around Si Xia. They showed great concern about him and even comforted him since he was traumatized with the knowledge that he'd have to partner up with Ye Wan Wan.

"That teacher was too much, how could she simply draw lots to decide?"

"Exactly! She actually allowed Ye Wan Wan to perform... what an insult to Si Xia!"

"Si Xia, don't be upset, why don't we go to the teacher and protest together?"


Ye Wan Wan was sucking on a lollipop at the door, listening to everything these girls were saying and the edges of her mouth curled up.

Why did these girls make it look like Si Xia was the one about to be abused?

His ears filled with the girls' chatter, Si Xia looked more and more icy, his forehead full of annoyance. Just as he was about to speak, an immediate silence fell upon the area.

Looking at the door, sure enough, he saw that Ye Wan Wan was standing there.

Once Ye Wan Wan appeared, she aroused the fury of the girls in an instant and some girls stormed towards her.

"Ye Wan Wan, do you have no shame?! You really came!"

"We have a score to settle with you for what happened this morning!"

"You stole our Little Xue's role and still you act so cocky; you really think we can't touch you?"

Ye Wan Wan scanned the three girls who came up to her.

These three people were the ones who plotted the prank but the boy wasn't with them, probably because he had to bear full responsibility and was still being dealt with by Zhao Xing Zhou.

These three girls were part of Cheng Xue's gang and that boy was like a big brother to Cheng Xue in school. They were quite powerful in Qing He and nobody dared to offend these school bullies.

This time, if it hadn't been for her, whether through her family or by the network in school, Cheng Xue should've had at least an 80% chance of getting this role.

So it was no wonder that Cheng Xue hated her so badly.

Cheng Xue was dressed in a DR, top-grade, custom-made lace dress and stood behind the girls protecting her. Her fair skin, bright almond eyes, and her mixed-blood facial features appeared delicate and defined. When she stood next to Si Xia, they made quite the couple, like a prince and princess from a fairytale.

At that moment, the little face of Cheng Xue was filled with sorrow. Even when the resentment and jealousy in her eyes made her look darker and more ferocious, her beautiful appearance still aroused pity.

Cheng Xue wasn't only the class beauty of F class but also the school beauty of Qing He High School.

Ye Wan Wan remembered that this Cheng Xue had a complicated family and had known Si Xia since they were little. In her previous life, she remembered that they got engaged in the end.

Ye Wan Wan's true age was already 27. When she saw this group of girls, it felt like she was fighting with children. She twitched her mouth and replied, "Tsk, just for a few seconds of interaction, is all this necessary?"

A few seconds of interaction!?

There weren't a lot of appearances by the prince and Snow White together until Snow White ate the poison apple and fainted, after which the prince appeared in front of her.


Those few seconds of interaction were a kissing scene!

Thinking about it, Cheng Xue gritted her teeth. Ye Wan Wan's remark was deliberately provocative. "Ye Wan Wan! Watch yourself! Si Xia, do you really want to work with this person? "

Her tone was full of anger.

Si Xia's face turned ugly, after all what could he do? As a man, how could he go back on his words?

"All right, I was the one who drew the lot so all of you shut up and start rehearsing. Those who aren't here to rehearse, just leave now!"

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