Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 48: 9th master, in love?

Chapter 48: 9th master, in love?

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Mo Xuan had just completed his thought and then, he saw the gentleman with a complete lack of human emotions smiling.

It wasn't a dark and foreboding laughter, nor a ruthless and dreadful scoff, but it was actual, normal, unbelievably joyful laughter. In that instant, it was as if an icy mountain thousands of miles away had melted.

If the Si Ye Han with a cold expression was already very good looking, then the smiling Si Ye Han could even turn a man gay!

Other than Mo Xuan, the one who was most surprised was the old lady.

The old lady shuddered and her eyes turned red. She hasn't seen Little 9th smile for a very... very long time.

"Little 9th! What're you looking at? Why're you so happy?" The old lady was nervous and asked carefully, afraid that what she saw was just a hallucination.

Si Ye Han's face was still a warm color and even his tone was gentler than usual, "Text from my girlfriend."

The old lady was stunned at first and had a look of surprise, "Girlfriend! Little 9th, you have a girlfriend? No wonder... No wonder you looked different somehow! You're actually in love! What kind of girl is she, how old, what does she work as? What does her family do? What's her name?"

Mo Xun, who was standing at the side, was stunned after what Si Ye Han said.


He wasn't referring to that mentally unstable woman called Ye Wan Wan, was he?

Si Ye Han tapped his phone with his slender fingers, "Wan Wan, Ye Wan Wan."

Mo Xun: "..." He was!

The old lady nodded her head seriously, "Wan Wan? That's a nice name! You cheeky boy, how could you keep this from grandma. Grandma's been eagerly waiting for you to settle down and have a girl to take care of you. All those other girls around you are so unsophisticated and boorish, how can they take care of you? Hurry and bring that girl back for Grandma to see!"

Si Ye Han was indeed in a good mood and didn't reject, "I will check with her."

The old lady was delighted beyond measure, "Excellent, do ask her nicely alright? Don't scare her away. Just a casual meet up, it doesn't have to be too uptight!"


"What does Wan Wan like to eat? Does she have a preference? I'll get the kitchen to prepare everything in advance!"

There was a slight warmth in his eyes, "She's not picky; she likes to eat everything."

"Not picky about food, very good!"

After she found out that her grandchild was dating, the old lady's spirits were lifted and she couldn't sit still. She made herself busy, asking all the servants to prepare everything well and instructing the kitchen staff to buy the ingredients in advance.

After she was done, she got someone to send Xu Yi over.

"Madam, did you ask for me?" Xu Yi asked nervously.

The old lady was unsatisfied, "Explain yourself! You're always by Little 9th's side, yet you don't even know that he's in love?"

"Ah? 9th master... in love?" Xu Yi was dumbfounded.

Seeing his reaction, the old lady got madder, "It's that Ye Wan Wan girl, Little 9th told me himself just now!"

Ye Wan Wan?!

Xu Yi was dumbfounded.

Ye Wan Wan, of course I know her--this woman has been with 9th master for almost 2 years. But strictly speaking, it was 9th master who unilaterally forced her right? Two people who can't even sleep on the same bed--can this be called love?

Anyway, didn't 9th master strictly forbid them from gossiping and bringing up Ye Wan Wan in front of others?

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