Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 47: Never seen him smile

Chapter 47: Never seen him smile

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After reading Ye Wan Wan's text message, Si Xia suddenly had a mouthful of blood in his throat, almost choking him to death.

Ever since he was little, all the stars circled around his moon wherever he went; he had never experienced such slander.

If this ugly girl wanted his attention, she had succeeded.

"Oh... ugly?"

Hearing the voice next to her, Ye Wan Wan realized that the contents of her text message had been exposed. But she didn't feel bad at all. She held onto her phone, smiled and turned to the livid boy, "You don't have to feel inferior. Actually, you don't look too bad--you're just lacking in comparison to my boyfriend!"

"..." Si Xia wouldn't have ever dreamed of asking her to bring her boyfriend out for a comparison. He just took a deep breath and closed his eyes to rest. He might just die from anger if he continued speaking to this moron.

Ye Wan Wan curled her lips, tsk, he doesn't believe me ~

At the same time, in the old house of the Si family:

Si Ye Han had just completed a checkup.

Other than Mo Xuan, there was a senior doctor at the scene too. Sitting next to Si Ye Han was a seventy or eighty-year-old woman.

The old lady had a head full of silver hair, twirling a string of beads in her hand and was staring sadly at her grandson at that moment.

The senior doctor took Si Ye Han's pulse, his facial expression becoming more and more dreary. The old woman saw the doctor's gloomy expression and became even more sullen.

But Si Ye Han sat on the sofa and drank his tea without any expression after having his pulse taken. He seemed indifferent to his own health.

The old lady asked anxiously, " Dr Mo, Dr Sun, please tell me truthfully, without beating around the bush. How's Little 9th's health?"

Mo Xuan glanced at Si Ye Han, sighed and didn't say anything.

The old lady glared at him immediately, "Why're you looking at him?! I asked you a question!"

Mo Xuan weighed his words and then answered, "He's still the same."

The old lady grunted, "Don't try to fool me! You told me he only slept for a few hours yesterday, a few hours the day before, and the day before yesterday as well!

Mo Xuan had no choice but to reply, "The day before yesterday, hypnotism failed and the day before... it also failed... as for last night, Mr Si came back to Jin garden around 3 in the morning so I wasn't able to give him any treatment..."

The old lady's face changed abruptly, "Three days?! No sleep for three days, again?!"

Mo Xuan didn't dare tell her that Si Ye Han's sleep had been quite terrible for the whole week.

He had predicted that he would've been at his limit yesterday and was worried that there would be a big problem with his body. He was a little surprised seeing that Si Ye Han's condition was not as bad as he imagined.

The senior doctor sighed and said, "Madam, I won't hide it from you. These two years, 9th young master's health has been deteriorating. His sleeping disorder is increasingly affecting his temperament and if we don't find an effective cure soon, I'm afraid..."

The old lady was instantly provoked by the unsaid words after "afraid", "What's the use if I understand? Both of you should be thinking of a cure! Aren't the two of you top-notch doctors? Yet both of you can't solve a small case of insomnia?"

Mo Xuan looked helpless, "Madam, 9th master's problem is psychological. Whenever he's in a good mood, he's able to sleep more. Whenever he's troubled, he won't be able to sleep for even a minute."

The old lady raged, "Then think of something to help elevate his mood!"

Mo Xuan smiled bitterly and thought in his heart, you know how bad your grandson's temperament is--elevate his mood? Easier said than done!

Truthfully, after being by this master's side for so long, I have never even seen him smile, alright?

Just when the atmosphere in the living room was getting more and more tense, the cold and indifferent Si Ye Han sitting on the sofa glanced at his phone and let out a little laugh, "Oh..."

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