Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 46: Not even a tenth as dashing as you~

Chapter 46: Not even a tenth as dashing as you~

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After breakfast, Ye Wan Wan walked towards the classroom.

She was still over ten steps away from the classroom door when Ye Wan Wan saw some heads popping out of the windows to look around.

Having seen her, those heads seemed surprised and popped back in. There was a commotion coming from the class.

Then, a sudden strange silence.

Ye Wan Wan stood three steps away from the classroom door and just as she was about to continue walking, she suddenly stopped and her eyes glanced at the door frame over her head.

As she paused, there was total silence in the classroom, as if they were all anticipating a grand entrance.

She was so unlucky the day before to land herself in big trouble with her classmates. If these people didn't pull a prank on her, she'd be surprised.

Ye Wan Wan wasn't nervous at all; she just continued to stand by the door.

After some time, sure enough, some unrestrained heads peeked out to check and then, quickly and carefully went back in.

Shortly after, the school bell rang, indicating the start of lessons.

The man behind her said in a shock, "Aiyo damn! You gave me a scare! Oh, it's you... Ye Wan Wan..."

Zhao Xing Zhou was holding a math book in his hand, with another hand clutching his chest. He stared at her face alarmed, looking like he had a bad scare, "It's almost time for class, why're you still standing at the door?"

"I was thinking about my life for a bit. After you, teacher." Ye Wan Wan politely took a step back.

Zhao Xing Zhou appreciated her good attitude, "Hm, feeling remorseful now for scoring 0 in math?"

Zhao Xing Zhou spoke while pushing the classroom door open.

The next second, a loud "crash" resounded as a large bucket of water splashed down right on Zhao Xing Zhou's face. He was immediately soaked through like a drowned rat.

Zhao Xing Zhou was stunned for a second and then blew up, "I... Damn! I just styled my hair this morning! Which brat did this?! I want a confession, NOW!"

A sigh of disappointment came from the classroom first, then many of them started panicking.

Damn! Why was the math teacher the one who pushed the door open? We're screwed!

Everyone in F class knew that you could offend the form teacher but you should never offend this teacher who seemed cheery and easygoing, otherwise, you'd be tortured to death!

Zhao Xing Zhou wiped the water off his face, "Nobody's confessing? Once I find out myself, then you'll be in very deep trouble!"

After a very long time, finally, three girls and a boy stood up cowering.

"Follow me to the office, the four of you!"

When they passed Ye Wan Wan, Zhao Xing Zhou glared at her for a few seconds with a veiled bitterness.

Ye Wan Wan blinked her eyes and looked around innocently.

After Zhao Xing Zhou dragged those troublemakers away, Ye Wan Wan walked straight to the seat next to Si Xia under all the hateful stares from the girls and sat down.

Since they had rehearsal after class, Si Xia was wearing a British uniform with bright white bottoms and edges lined in gold. The restrictive neckline was fastened all the way up to the first button, quite in line with his character as a prince in the play.

He also had that superior temperament and lofty arrogance he was born with.

But it was no wonder, after all, since he was the only grandchild in the Si family and was severely doted on. Nobody could ignore him.

Of course, this didn't include Ye Wan Wan.

The moment he saw Ye Wan Wan, the boy's dazzling face turned green.

Ye Wan Wan didn't have time to bother with him and quickly took the chance to send some texts to Si Ye Han while the teacher wasn't around. She had to act before Shen Meng Qi did.

Si Xia had a hard time recovering from that earth-shattering fright and then he saw Ye Wan Wan texting away. He peered at what she was typing...

[Darling, the school will be organizing an art performance and I was picked to be Snow White. Hehe aren't I amazing?~ A pity that the prince acting with me is so ugly, not even a tenth as dashing as you~]

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