Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 51: Grandma wants to meet you

Chapter 51: Grandma wants to meet you

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By the end of rehearsal, Si Xia still wasn't able to kiss her.

Indeed, not everyone's taste was as extraordinary as Si Ye Han's...

Ye Wan Wan returned to the dormitory, removed her makeup and took a shower. She planned her makeup look for tomorrow and turned on her computer at the same time.

She no longer needed to spend so much time on the school's curriculum. She was prepared to buy films and documentaries online and seize the time to do some self-directed studying.

After all, getting into university was just the beginning. Her final goal was to get back everything that had been taken away from her father by her second uncle and Ye Yi Yi.

Before, she only thought to blame her father for being useless and causing her to be separated from Gu Yue Ze. But little did she know that she was the one who brought the whole family down.

That time, Ye Yi Yi used Gu Yue Ze's name to lure her to a deserted house and drugged her to make her dizzy. Then, her second uncle blackmailed her to pressure her father to give up his shares and confess to a crime of misappropriation of public funds, or else he'd ruin her life. He was going to shoot her up with drugs, find a few men to fool around with her, and then leak a video of her drug abuse and sexual activity.

Her father had doted on her since she was little, and the whole family treated her like a treasure and fulfilled all her wishes.

While she was studying abroad, she almost lost her life due to a terrorist attack and was greatly traumatized. Her parents couldn't stop blaming themselves and immediately brought her back. They became more protective of her henceforth.

Her parents' overprotectiveness probably caused her to become simple-minded and naive.

Her father had already warned her not to leave the house by herself, but in order to meet Gu Yue Ze alone, she escaped the bodyguards and sneaked out anyway.

It was, after all, Gu Yue Ze's invitation--even if the skies rained down knives, she would still go. Not to mention that it was only her father's little warning holding her back.

When faced with her second uncle's threats at the time, her father didn't hesitate to protect her and even sacrificed the entire Ye family.

After that incident, her parents were afraid that she'd blame herself, incapable of handling the trauma, so they kept the truth from her.

She was so silly to think that Gu Yue Ze simply didn't keep their appointment that time and had no idea that her wayward behaviour had led to such serious consequences. She even cut ties with her parents for a scumbag who cancelled their marriage after her father lost everything.

She had mistaken a jackal for love and mistaken her closest relatives as enemies...

At the thought of all this, Ye Wan Wan wanted to strangle herself to death.

Dad... Mom... Wait for me...

I will get every single thing back from them!

At this moment, a personalized ringtone on her phone rang--it was Si Ye Han calling.

Ye Wan Wan gathered her thoughts and steadied herself for the call.


"Have you ended class?" The usual low and cold voice came through the receiver.

"Yup yup~ Class has finished~ We just finished rehearsal and the prince was so ugly that I nearly vomited on stage. At first, I wanted to tell the teacher to find a replacement but the teacher said that the results of the drawing of lots couldn't be changed..." Ye Wan Wan grumbled on. She deliberately revealed her whereabouts in school so that Si Ye Han had no reason to say that she was hiding something from him.

The man on the other end listened patiently to what was going on in her school, and when she was finished, he asked, "Are you free this Saturday?"

"Saturday? I should have... Nothing going on..."

The school allowed students to go home every Saturday and Sunday. If Si Ye Han wanted her to go back, she didn't have any reason to decline. With this in mind, Ye Wan Wan's voice became slightly nervous.

Even if it was only two days, what if she went back and never came back out...

Freedom was too important to her and she still had so many things she needed to do. She definitely didn't want to go back to her old life.

"Grandma wants to meet you." He probably anticipated her nervousness and repulsion, as his voice instinctively became more withdrawn.

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