Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 494: If I die

Chapter 494: If I die

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——"So, I will bear the responsibility."

Following what Si Ye Han said, after a few seconds of silence, there was a storm of protests in the hall.

What Si Ye Han means is... he agrees with this woman and won't do the operation?

In a moment, all the elders' faces changed drastically and they were extremely anxious...

"Master... this... can't be! You really shouldn't!"

"This is too rash! How could you not trust in great Dr. Sun's words and believe this ignorant woman instead?"

"Master, your health involves the rise and fall of our entire family clan. How could you act so carelessly?"

Si Ming Rong's face became unusually dark. At first, he gave this woman some face on account of the master and old madam, tacitly allowing her to join the family clan's meeting, but this woman was a little too reckless.

This matter concerned the master's family name. Si Ming Rong couldn't tolerate it any further as he used the cane to prop himself up. "Master..."

Alas, before Si Ming Rong could speak, Si Ye Han's gaze interrupted him. "In three months, if the recuperation fails, we'll arrange for the surgery. If I die..."


Everyone turned to Si Ye Han, aghast.

Si Ye Han's handsome face was indifferent as he continued, "All matters relating to the Si family shall proceed according to my will."

Hearing the word "will," the old madam's face was overcome with sorrow. She wanted to speak but eventually kept silent.

Although she wasn't pleased with Ye Wanwan taking things into her own hands, she was also quite moved by what she said.

If Little 9th's health could really recover and he could live a long and healthy life like other people, that would be ideal.

How can I bear to let Little 9th live with the pain of his illness and operations over the next few years?

But if this fails... Little 9th could lose his life anytime...

Ye Wanwan's heart trembled. Si Ye Han had even written his will already...

Seeing that their master had made up his mind, there was definitely no chance of changing it. Everyone glared at Ye Wanwan like they wanted to slice her into a thousand pieces.

Feng Yi Ping stood up to leave. He shook his head and sighed in anguish. "I said this before - master will die in the hands of this woman someday! If the mistress of the household was Ruo Xi, things wouldn't be like this..."

"Master insists on believing that woman, so nothing we say now will help!"


Seeing the elders' reactions, Si Ming Li took great pleasure in them.

Tsk tsk, dumb woman. She actually dared to object to all the elders' opinions and stop Si Ye Han from going for the operation - she's truly reckless.

If something happens to Si Ye Han, she'll be the first to be blamed then I won't have to get my hands dirty anymore.

He didn't expect that a smart guy like Si Ye Han would end up falling into the hands of a woman.

It seems like our plan can be executed very soon...

I really have to thank her for that...

At the end of a deserted hallway:

Xu Chang Kun was worried. "Miss Ye was too rash today..."

Xu Yi's expression was grave as well. "Ever since Miss Ye started helping 9th master recuperate, 9th master's body and condition have improved. If it wasn't for Miss Ye, 9th master would be in a much worse state!"

"Then is Miss Ye confident she can do this?" Xu Chang Kun probed anxiously.

Xu Yi shook his head, "I'm not sure either..."

But he felt she hadn't done that on a whim.

Xu Chang Kun was extremely concerned. "Ay... what should we do..."

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