Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 495: I'll give you whatever you want

Chapter 495: I'll give you whatever you want

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Dark clouds rolled in and bolts of lightning tore across the sky followed by the roar of thunder. A torrential rainstorm had arrived.

That night, Si Ye Han had a high fever.

It was initially just a slight cold, but it suddenly turned into a high fever, causing all the servants in Jin garden to become terribly busy and all the private doctors were on standby, afraid that something would happen to the master.

Si Ye Han's body was like a piece of brittle glass; any small illness could ignite an inextinguishable fire.

On the large light grey bed in the bedroom, Si Ye Han's breathing was rapid and his face was flushed.

Ye Wanwan kept wringing an ice towel dry for him to lower his temperature and she wiped his body with alcohol.

The moment she retracted her arm to put the towel down, he suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist.

Since he used too much force, a burst of pain came from Ye Wanwan's wrist and her bones were nearly shattered.

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows and she used her other hand to lightly pat his back.

His furrowed brows relaxed a little, but he still held on and didn't let go of her wrist...

Ye Wanwan sat at the bedside and stared at him on the bed with a complicated gaze.

Having been by Si Ye Han's side for so long, she thought she already knew this man inside out, yet sometimes she felt like she didn't really know him at all.

Ye Wanwan's fingers touched his pale and thin lips then moved slowly down to his chest and she mumbled absentmindedly, "Si Ye Han... why... why do you trust me?"

Ye Wanwan stared at his unbelievably handsome face. She smiled bitterly and sighed lightly. "Aren't you afraid... I really want your life?"

Si Ye Han frowned then opened his eyes slowly. His pair of deep, cold eyes seemed to be shrouded by a haze and when he looked at her, it was as if she was the only person in the world. "I'll give you... whatever you want..."

Ye Wanwan felt like her heart was clasped tightly by a giant claw. She bit her lips and stared at the man who was obviously muddled by his fever. "I don't want that sort of thing! You have to keep living; you're not allowed to die... do you hear me?"

His eyes slowly closed due to exhaustion. A whisper escaped from his lips, "Sure..."

Ye Wanwan clenched her fists. "Liar..."

He agrees so easily each time; does he even take his promises seriously?


The next morning.

The storm had ceased and the air turned cold.

When Ye Wanwan opened her eyes, she realized that she fell asleep unknowingly by Si Ye Han's bedside.

She was only wearing thin pajamas but surprisingly, she didn't feel cold at all.

From the corners of her eyes, she saw what seemed to be a few strands of silvery-white hairs on the carpet...

Great White was here?

At this moment, there were a few small movements by her side and Ye Wanwan quickly turned to the bed.

Si Ye Han twitched his fingers like he was about to wake up.

Ye Wanwan hurriedly reached out to touch Si Ye Han's forehead.

After a few seconds, Ye Wanwan's grave expression became gentler. "Thank goodness... the fever's gone..."

She had just let out a sigh when she was immediately met with a pair of light brown eyes, clear and cool like the sky after a rain.

"You're awake. Do you feel better?" Ye Wanwan looked at the man in bed.

Si Ye Han didn't say a word and his eyes remained fixated on her like he hadn't completely woken up.

Ye Wanwan stared at him. "Do you remember what you promised me last night?"

"What?" Si Ye Han asked in a hoarse voice.

Ye Wanwan's face darkened instantly. I knew it, it was all a bunch of lies...

Ye Wanwan was still mad when a coarse hand slowly caressed her face. "I remember - I won't die."

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