Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 493: Give me three months

Chapter 493: Give me three months

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Following this sudden objection, everyone turned in Ye Wanwan's direction.

The chaotic hall was now in total silence.

This woman again!

A tinge of gloominess clouded Si Ming Li's eyes.

When Si Ming Rong and the other elders saw that Ye Wanwan interrupted so suddenly at this point in time, their faces turned a little ugly.

Si Ye Han's pupils shifted slightly when she spoke up. He looked at her.

Feng Yi Ping used the lid of his teacup to stroke the tea leaves and he sneered in a tone like he was speaking to some commoner, "Tsk, you object? Who are you to object?"

Ye Wanwan turned to Feng Yi Ping, expressionless, "Director Feng seems to be as forgetful as his precious daughter - does it run in the family?"

"You..." Feng Yi Ping wanted to lash out but once he noticed Si Ye Han from the corners of his eyes, he didn't dare to say another word.

After all, this woman still had a status as the future mistress of the household.

Ye Wanwan let Feng Yi Ping be. She stood up, ignored all the hateful and mocking stares and said, "If an organ transplant can help Ah-Jiu live a proper life, I wouldn't have any objections! But a transplant wouldn't solve the root of the problem. At most, he'll live for another few years but it's definitely not the best solution!"

Si Ming Li scoffed, "What does a little brat like you know, talking nonsense here? Dr. Sun already said the master only has six months to live. If he doesn't go for the operation, all he can do is wait for death. You actually objected to the operation at a time like this - what malicious intentions do you have?"

After Si Ming Li was done talking, the other elders chimed in and supported him.

Faced with everyone's criticism, Ye Wanwan's gaze wasn't at all fearful. "Ah-Jiu's body can recuperate as long as he takes proper care of it and follows Dr. Sun's medication and acupuncture treatments. I took care of Ah-Jiu for half a month and his body has already shown signs of improvement - Dr. Sun can testify to this."

Sun Bai Cao nodded. "It has, indeed, but... his recuperation rate can't keep up with 9th young master's deteriorating health, which is why I suggested the operation. Of course, if it's possible to nurse his health back to normal, that would be best. Then 9th master's life expectancy would be the same as any ordinary person's..."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, her clear eyes had a hint of menace as she swept her gaze across everyone present. "So, please give me three months to continue to help Ah-Jiu recuperate. If Dr. Sun still concludes that Ah-Jiu needs the surgery, I have nothing to say."

Ye Wanwan's words were immediately met with the objection of all the elders present...

"What a joke! Give you three months?! Do you have any idea how much danger the master would be in for the next three months?"

"I think if you're not ignorant and dumb then you're just trying to harm the master! Master has so many renowned doctors by his side - the great Dr. Sun's here as well. If his health can be nursed back, it would've been done much earlier. Who are you to criticize and give us orders?!"

"No way! Placing the master's life in the hands of an ignorant woman is just ridiculous! If something happens to the master during these three months, can she bear the responsibility?"


——"She really won't be able to..."

As the hall was in a ruckus, a frosty voice came from the main seat.

The man's hoarse voice wasn't loud but it shut everyone up instantly and they all turned to look at Si Ye Han at the same time.

Si Ye Han's face was slightly pale, but the hostility in his eyes was evident, enveloping the entire hall.

After a brief moment of dead silence, Si Ye Han continued, "So, I will bear the responsibility."

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