Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 492: Determine his life or death

Chapter 492: Determine his life or death

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After they heard about Si Ye Han's condition, almost all the elders supported the organ transplant.

With a big family clan like the Si family, it wasn't a problem even if they needed a lifetime supply of organs, much less one or two.

Everyone was immersed in fear about the master's critical illness and worried about what would happen if Si Ye Han fell from power, the family crumbled, and how it would affect their interests. They were only thinking about how to quickly prolong Si Ye Han's life.

However, nobody considered whether Si Ye Han's weak body could handle frequent operations or tolerate the pain. And it would all be for what? He would barely obtain a few more years to live.

In Ye Wanwan's previous life, the Si family became so chaotic in the end because Si Ye Han didn't have enough energy to cope with those issues anymore at the later stage of his illness...

"Old madam, uncle Rong, please find suitable organs for master quickly!"

"That's right! Otherwise, with master's condition, anything may happen at any time, then the Si family would be in chaos!"

"I'm afraid the clans and powers that have been monitoring our Si family closely have already gotten the news!"

Among the ruckus, Si Ming Rong deliberated for a long time before saying, "Sister-in-law, what's your decision?"

The old madam's fingers trembled as she held onto her Buddha pearls. She slowly opened her eyes.

If Ah-Jiu didn't go for the operation, he would be left with only six months to live, but because his organs were failing, he could technically die anytime.

However, if Ah-Jiu went for the operation, he would only be able to hold on for a few years and within those few years, he might have to endure the torture of multiple operations. Not to mention the possibility of a transplant rejection and all kinds of after-effects, including the burden on his body...

She really couldn't make a decision but she didn't have a choice.

She wanted Ah-Jiu to live no matter the cost, even if it was just for a few more days...

After a long while, the old madam finally opened her eyes and spoke in an extremely lethargic tone, "We'll act... according to what all of you suggested..."

Si Ming Rong expected this decision from the old madam. He let out a long sigh and didn't say a word.

Everyone chimed in: "Then we should arrange for the operation right away! We can't delay it any longer!"

Si Ming Li's eyes glistened and he said, "While the master goes for his operation, second brother, all the elders and I will settle everything with regards to the company and family clan. Master, you don't have to worry at all! Take care of your health!"

Tsk, don't have to worry?

It was all these people who took advantage of Si Ye Han's critical illness and frantically started to strive for their own gains.

In the corner, Ye Wanwan looked at Si Ye Han. He had only spoken a few words throughout the meeting, allowing the elders to determine his life or death, his fate.

She knew Si Ye Han himself would have agreed to the operation.

In her previous life, he chose the operation as well.

So it was impossible to rely on Si Ye Han to veto the decision of the elders.

Once the decision was made, Si Ye Han would have to go through everything that happened in her past life...

Si Ye Han's physique was unique, so he had a case of extremely serious transplant rejection.

From all the operations and transplant rejections, she wouldn't be able to restore his health no matter how hard she tried.

His life was safe for the time being, but it was only for a few years...

After the old madam's nod and Si Ye Han's tacit approval, everyone started discussing the various matters relating to the operation.

Si Ming Rong stood up and said, "Since nobody has any objections, then the master's operation has been decided. Following this..."

The moment Si Ming Rong stood up to speak, a cold and clear voice suddenly came from the corner of the room—— "I object!"

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