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Chapter 491: Family clan meeting

Chapter 491: Family clan meeting

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Hearing Sun Bai Cao's words, everyone in the house went silent.

"I'll leave you to think it through." Sun Bai Cao sighed then turned around and left.

The old madam was depressed. She looked at her grandson with heartache. "Little 9th, what do you think? How about you get the organ transplant as soon as possible? Otherwise, what if..."

The old madam didn't dare to finish her sentence.

After a moment of silence, Si Ye Han said with an icy expression, "We'll hold a meeting to decide."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she furrowed her brows. A meeting?

After she thought about it, she understood Si Ye Han's intentions.

Now that news of Si Ye Han's illness had been leaked, almost everyone in the clan had heard about his condition. Moreover, going for an operation was such a big deal that he definitely wouldn't be able to hide it.

Rather than keeping it from the family and forcing them to make wild guesses, it was better to just hold a meeting with the clan directly and discuss this issue with the elders openly.

Two hours later, at the Si family's old residence:

All the elders were gathered there and Sun Bai Cao was present as well. Ye Wanwan sat on the sofa in the corner, slightly distracted.

Nobody noticed Ye Wanwan; everyone's attention was on Sun Bai Cao.

Seeing that the great Dr. Sun was present, all the elders' expressions were somewhat subtle, guessing that this family meeting would definitely be related to the rumors about Si Ye Han's critical illness and imminent death.

Everyone held their breaths and looked at the old madam and Si Ye Han with rapt attention.

The old madam was sitting on the sofa with a cane in her hand. If she didn't have that to support herself, she probably wouldn't even be able to sit still.

The old madam swept a stern gaze at everyone present in the room then said in a cold tone, "I know everyone's been concerned for Little 9th's health during this period of time. Little 9th's condition is such a serious issue that we naturally couldn't hide it from all of you, so today, I brought Dr. Sun to explain Little 9th's health condition. At the same time, there is something we need to discuss."

Everyone started whispering following the old madam's words.

Health condition?

Seems like the rumors weren't fabricated...

And it's highly possible that his illness has already worsened to a stage where he can no longer hide it...

Among the clan members, Si Ming Li subtly revealed a mocking expression.

Tsk, I thought Si Ye Han was going to hide this until his death. I didn't think he would choose to address it personally.

But I expected this anyway - with his illness becoming more and more serious, this is something that cannot be kept secret for long...

The white-bearded elder, Si Ming Rong, spoke with a darkened expression: "Sister-in-law, what exactly is going on with master's health?"

"All of you should listen to Dr. Sun..." the old madam then shut her eyes and remained silent.

Sun Bai Cao glanced at the old madam, then Si Ye Han. He started explaining Si Ye Han's condition to the elders.

After Sun Bai Cao was done, the old madam said, "Dr. Sun recommends Little 9th undergo an organ transplant as soon as possible within three months. What do all of you think?"

Hearing Sun Bai Cao and the old madam's words, everyone was stunned for quite some time. Following that, there was a huge uproar.

No wonder Si Ye Han opened up about his illness - it's already reached such a serious stage. The rumors were true; there's no hope for Si Ye Han.

"According to what Dr. Sun said, of course we have to go through with the organ transplant! Otherwise, wouldn't master's life be in danger at any moment?"

"If we go with the organ transplant, at least he'll be able to hang on for a few years, but if he continues like this, he might not even make it six more months!"


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