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Chapter 490: Organ transplant

Chapter 490: Organ transplant

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The old madam looked at Sun Bai Cao who followed behind and she asked with a shaky voice, "Dr. Sun, how's Ah-Jiu's health? Did it improve a little?"

Sun Bai Cao brought them to sit in the lobby and deliberated for a long time before finally speaking. "Since I predicted that 9th young master's organs might begin to fail, I asked him to come over to do a more thorough checkup this time. The results..."

"What were the results?" the old madam probed impatiently.

Ye Wanwan looked at Sun Bai Cao with a serious expression.

Sun Bai Cao said, "There's indeed been a slight improvement in 9th young master's health..."

Before the old madam could rejoice, Sun Bai Cao changed his tone. He said gravely, "However, this level of improvement is tantamount to a drop of water in a bucket for 9th young master. His health is just like a constant wildfire; a small drizzle can't extinguish it."

"I took a look and many organs in his body have begun to fail, especially his liver and kidneys; they're in a more dire state..."

When the old madam heard that, her body trembled and she slumped into the red wooden chair behind her.

Ye Wanwan's heart tightened as well.

Still... didn't work?

Xu Yi sighed lightly and his expression turned gloomy.

"His organs are failing... so what should we do?" The old madam forced herself to maintain her composure.

Sun Bai Cao replied, "We can only perform an organ transplant. Also, the sooner the better - definitely within three months, before the organ is completely damaged."

"Will he improve after the transplant?" the old madam asked immediately.

Sun Bai Cao shook his head, "An organ transplant would only treat the symptoms, not the root cause. 9th young master's body is akin to nutrient-poor soil - when a flower withers and you replace it with another flower, it will only live for a short while. That being said, performing an organ transplant is the only solution at the moment."

Although they had a solution... this solution was like quenching one's thirst with poison [1]...

Ye Wanwan never expected that things would progress the same way as in her past life.

Ever since her rebirth, she had never felt so helpless before.

She gave everything her all, but she still couldn't change his fate or ending.

"Does he really have to go through an organ transplant? Are there really no other options?" Ye Wanwan asked, unwilling to give up.

Sun Bai Cao said, "According to the progression of 9th young master's condition... this is indeed the case."

Ye Wanwan balled her hands into fists and said with crystal-clear eyes, "Dr. Sun, you mentioned just now that Ah-Jiu's condition improved slightly. What if I can continue to maintain his health and return it to its optimal state within three months?

Looking at her resolute gaze, Sun Bai Cao hesitated for a bit. "This..."

After Sun Bai Cao thought it through carefully, he said, "In theory, if his body can recuperate to its optimal state in such a short period of time, allowing his organs to slowly recover, then of course he wouldn't have to do the transplant. But the possibility of this happening is very low..."

Ye Wanwan: "But there's still a possibility, right?"

"There is a possibility, but Miss Ye, you must be aware that 9th young master's condition is too complicated. There are many issues I'm unable to foresee still. His failing organs are like a ticking time bomb. If you're unable to help him recover, his condition and organs could continue to worsen within three months or they might worsen abruptly one day, endangering his life at any moment..."

[1]: A temporary relief which results in a disaster

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