Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 489: Health condition

Chapter 489: Health condition

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The next morning.

There was nobody next to her when she woke up.

Si Ye Han's up already?

Ye Wanwan looked at her phone to see that it was almost noon. Since she wasn't able to fall asleep last night, she ended up sleeping in today.

Ye Wanwan sat in bed for a while then rubbed her eyes and got up.

When she walked past the study, Ye Wanwan saw two little maids standing by the door, whispering to one another.

"Are you sure? 9th master immediately drank it the moment you brought it in?"

"That's right. 9th master was working at the time and his face was terrifying probably because his work was giving him some trouble. I was about to leave and come back later, but in the end, 9th master suddenly told me to stop and made me bring the medicine over then he drank it all without stopping..."

"No way! You're too lucky, huh!"

Not far off, Ye Wanwan felt a deep sense of relief when she heard that. Someone finally came to his senses.

She no longer had to worry about him taking his medication on time. Even the most important thing - sleep - was being resolved. Now, she had to make sure he maintained a calm state of mind; he couldn't be too hot-tempered, agitated or worn out. Not a single thing could be overlooked.

All this sounded easily achievable, but they were all extraordinarily challenging when it came to Si Ye Han.

The most difficult part was preventing him from getting worn out.

Si Ye Han didn't trust anybody, so he handled everything personally - nothing could be done about this and it was unavoidable.

And it was exactly because of this that Si Ye Han overexerted himself till his health deteriorated to this state and his entire soul was sucked out in her previous life.

There was no way around it - the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. Si Ye Han had to bear the responsibility since he was in charge and it was simply unrealistic to force him to put everything aside right now.

Just how can I get him to not overwork himself?

Ye Wanwan stood by the door, watching Si Ye Han coughing lightly and her mood turned gloomy.

She didn't have a solution to that problem yet and she could only nag at him to take regular breaks. I'll think of something when Sun Bai Cao performs a routine body checkup on Si Ye Han later...


In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the checkup.

Ye Wanwan, the old madam, and Si Ye Han went to Sun Bai Cao's private residence for a comprehensive diagnosis of Si Ye Han's condition.

At this moment, half a month had passed since Sun Bai Cao predicted that Si Ye Han would be left with only six months to live.

Ye Wanwan accompanied the old madam and waited outside with a mixed mood.

"Grandma, don't worry. Ah-jiu has been taking his medications on time and getting lots of rest. His mood has also been more stable lately. Maybe there'll be an improvement?" Ye Wanwan comforted her.

The old madam knew Ye Wanwan had been by her grandson's side all this time. She patted Ye Wanwan's hand and sighed. "Hopefully..."

Xu Yi stared at the tightly-shut metal door with a heavy heart as well.

During this period of time, he witnessed how much effort Ye Wanwan put in to help 9th master's health recover, but 9th master's body hadn't been overworked just a single day or two and it had already started to worsen, so how could he recuperate within such a short period of time?

I'm afraid the results this time won't look too good either.

What's worse was that news of 9th master's illness had been exaggerated and spread throughout the entire family clan; they probably couldn't hide it anymore...

After waiting an entire hour, the metal door finally opened.

Si Ye Han walked out with a slightly pale look.

"Ah-Jiu!" Ye Wanwan instantly walked over to help him.

The temperature had dropped the night before and Si Ye Han woke up with a cold that morning. Even though he was merely exposed to the cold for a little while...

His body's immune system was indeed weakening rapidly...

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