Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 488: Can consider having one

Chapter 488: Can consider having one

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She wasn't sure whether it was because she detected the "deadly intent" behind what Si Ye Han said, but Ye Wanwan's brows furrowed subconsciously.

She knew Si Ye Han didn't plan on having kids. After all, she was married to him for so many years in her previous life, yet they didn't have any.

Is it because he knows he doesn't have long to live so he doesn't want any?

In this life, they hadn't even gotten married.

With her current status and background, she already upset the Si family's elders by being Si Ye Han's girlfriend. If she really became the mistress of the household, she'd definitely be the target of a multitude of arrows...

In her previous life, if Si Ye Han hadn't been provoked by her running away with Gu Yue Ze, maybe he wouldn't have married her so soon?

He insisted on their untimely marriage which triggered the opposition of the entire family clan...

She remembered that when they got a divorce in her past life, Si Ye Han's body was nearing its end, the conflicts in the family intensified till they were irreconcilable, each faction of power was fighting with the others, everything was in a mess and they were even attacked by an unknown outside power...

In this life, no matter what the considerations were, she didn't want to make a mistake at a time like this and allow things to escalate to that stage again, much less have children.

Due to both Si Ye Han's current condition and her own issues, they were incapable of assuming responsibility for the arrival of a baby.

Ye Wanwan was in a daze. "I don't want any either..."

The moonlight filtered through the window panes, making Si Ye Han's face appear as if it was covered in a layer of frost.

Ye Wanwan mumbled, "With our current situation, we're not in a good position to have a baby; it would irresponsible to have a little life in our hands. Anyway, with your health like this, do you really want me to not only be a widow but a single mother as well?"

Speaking up till this point, Ye Wanwan paused then continued, "If..."

After saying this one word, Ye Wanwan didn't say anything else.

Slight waves appeared in Si Ye Han's deathly-still eyes as deep as an abyss. He turned towards her, quietly waiting for her to continue her sentence.

Ye Wanwan regretted speaking the word the moment it left her mouth, but he kept staring at her, so she could only cough lightly and finish the rest of her sentence, "If... if your health improves, we can consider having one."

The second she said that, the cold moonlight reflected in Si Ye Han's eyes seemed to crack into pieces in a flash...

His gaze of disbelief was directed straight at her like it was trying to pry into her soul...

Ye Wanwan's heart trembled. She covered Si Ye Han's eyes, which was causing her to be flustered, and she urged, "You're not allowed to talk anymore, sleep now!"

Si Ye Han lifted his hand and held her little hand that was covering his eyes then he placed it on top of his chest.

The heartbeat under her palm seemed... very fast...

After some time, in the quiet night, his hoarse voice resounded: "Okay."

His chest moved slightly when he spoke and the little hand above his chest couldn't help but heat up.

Shortly after, his calm and long breaths could be heard. Ye Wanwan's hand was still being held by him and she could feel his rhythmic heartbeat.

Ye Wanwan turned and looked at him while he slept then sighed in resentment.

Must he be so obedient? He really fell asleep just like that...

Great, now it's my turn to have insomnia...

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