Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 485: Telepathy?

Chapter 485: Telepathy?

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Si Xia had been upset and lying on the table at first, but at this moment, he suddenly lifted his head and stared at the big screen. "Colt M2000..."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she turned to Si Xia, surprised.

This is rare - Si Xia actually guessed it right this time! What a feat!

But wait, what's a Colt M2000?

Could it be the gun model?

"What's that?" Ye Wanwan mumbled instinctively.

Si Xia looked at her with a complicated gaze. "That's the image you chose."

Ye Wanwan: "Huh?"

At the same time, Si Ye Han also turned to look at the big screen. The previous few rounds, he was able to answer within seconds, but this time, he took a long time to consider his answer.

The man's deep and black eyes stared at the screen with an unreadable expression in his eyes.

The host said nervously, "We're at the final set of images. What did this customer choose? I wonder if her boyfriend can guess it correctly! We're left with five seconds - you'll need to answer quickly. Five..."




Ye Wanwan stared at Si Ye Han with her heart in her throat.

In the end, almost at the end of the countdown, Si Ye Han finally answered at the last second: "The first image."

There was total silence in the restaurant for a second and everyone turned to look at the host.

The host was taken aback at first then her eyes widened as she said excitedly, "Congratulations, sir, you got it right!!!"

Ye Wanwan's choice was revealed on the big screen. Indeed, it was the first image.

Everyone in the restaurant applauded; they were all very envious.

"Wow! They actually got all ten questions correct! They must have a strong bond with one another!"

"This guy knows how to read minds, right? Otherwise, he must've memorized all the questions!"

"No way! There are hundreds of thousands of images - how could he have memorized them?!"

"Ah ah ah, I'm so jealous of them! You bastard, we only got two questions right when we went up. Do you truly love me, huh?


The host was still very excited when all of a sudden, a staff member walked up to her and spoke a few words.

After that, the host turned to the restaurant patrons and explained, "Our boss is a gun enthusiast. He loves all kinds of classic gun models and he explained that this set of images wasn't meant to make things difficult for you guys; the two guns might have looked identical, but the fact is, one of them was real while the other was a fake and the real gun was the one in the first image!"

The host then turned to Ye Wanwan and asked, "Could it be that this young lady also shares the same interest and identified that the gun in the first image was real?"

Faced with the host's question, Ye Wanwan laughed helplessly. "I didn't know all this. It was just a blind guess!"

The host laughed. "The two of you truly have telepathic powers! Congratulations to the both of you for winning the grand prize tonight and I wish you both a harmonious relationship together till a ripe old age!"

Ye Wanwan: "Thank you!"

The host congratulated them a few more times then presented the cash prize on the spot.

After dinner, Ye Wanwan hugged Si Ye Han's arm and left the restaurant in high spirits with their $30,000 prize.

"Darling, we certainly have telepathic powers with one another; we're a match made in heaven!"

In her previous life, Ye Si Ye Han was very controlling of her and knew every single thing about her like the back of his hand.

In the past, she hated being controlled.

But after the little game today, she suddenly felt differently.

This feeling of being understood, it wasn't that hard to accept. Instead, it made her feel...

Si Ye Han stared at the girl's happy little face but he seemed a bit distracted. "As long as you're happy."

Si Xia, who was following behind them, sneered with a mocking expression. "Tsk, telepathy?"

Ye Wanwan instantly turned around and glared at Si Xia. "I haven't gotten to you yet! How exactly did you manage to avoid getting all the right answers, huh?"

Si Xia's face turned gloomy. "Who said I was the one who was wrong?"

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched. "Yes yes yes, at least you got the last question right!"

And it was because Si Xia knew more about guns and managed to identify the real gun, so he picked the first image.

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