Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 486: Unusual

Chapter 486: Unusual

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After being mocked by Ye Wanwan for almost half a day, Si Xia stopped arguing with her. Instead, he kept quiet, an unfamiliar aura emanating from his body.

The driver dropped Si Xia off first.

After the car stopped, Ye Wanwan took out $100 from the grand prize envelope. "Come, eldest nephew, this is your allowance!"

Si Xia looked at the $100 Ye Wanwan was handing over. His mouth twitched and he was obviously offended by it, but he still took it nonetheless.

In the evening breeze, Si Xia stood outside the car and glanced at Si Ye Han coldly then looked at Ye Wanwan. "Idiotic woman!"

As he was scolding her for no apparent reason, Ye Wanwan's face darkened instantly. This little devil is asking for a beating, huh!

Without waiting for Ye Wanwan to respond, Si Xia placed one hand in his pocket, turned around and disappeared into the night.

After dropping Si Xia off, the car soon arrived at Jin garden.

By the time they reached Jin garden, it was already quite late and Ye Wanwan started nagging at Si Ye Han to go to bed on time.

Lying in bed, Ye Wanwan couldn't fall asleep. She kept tossing and turning the whole time, her mind replaying the scenes of the game from that day.

Actually, when she made her choices today, there were many times when she nearly chose the opposite image, but in the end, in order to align with her usual habits and preferences and to allow Si Ye Han to guess accurately, she decided to go with the other image.

But it wasn't weird to do that, right? After all, a person's preferences, habits, and actions could change...

But what made her uneasy was that she found Si Xia's reaction a little weird today. Even Si Ye Han's attitude was somewhat unusual...

With that thought, Ye Wanwan subconsciously turned to the man next to her. Si Ye Han was very quiet when he slept, as usual.

So quiet that sometimes, she could forget he was there altogether.

So although they'd been sleeping in the same bed for such a long time, Ye Wanwan didn't find it uncomfortable at all.

Sometimes, she wondered if this guy even liked women; she realized her existence was akin to a wooden stick or pillow.

Ye Wanwan's thoughts ran wild while she tossed and turned in bed. Probably awakened by her, an arm suddenly reached out next to her and pulled her into his embrace.

In that split second, she was plastered to a hard chest. The thumping of his heart resounded like the beating of drums in her ears.

Ye Wanwan was stunned for a few seconds then she looked up.

Her eyes met a clear and awake gaze.

In the dark, Si Ye Han's stare was extremely aggressive, reminding her of the intense fear she felt before her rebirth like she was bound by numerous chains and an inescapable net, imprisoning her in his world.

This gaze made Ye Wanwan furrow her brows; a desire to escape arose instinctively.

"Uh, did I wake you up..."

Before Ye Wanwan could finish her sentence, Si Ye Han lowered his head without warning. His cold lips swallowed her voice.

Ye Wanwan's pupils constricted; she was stunned.

At the same time, he started moving. A wide palm dove under her top, his coarse fingers touched her skin and fumbled around roughly. His kisses became increasingly out of control, annihilating her mouth like he was besieging a territory, devouring her lips and tongue as if he wanted to swallow her whole...

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