Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 484: Final set of images

Chapter 484: Final set of images

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The fourth set of images.

On the left was an image of celery and on the right was coriander.

Ye Wanwan remembered Si Ye Han didn't like eating celery, so she chose the coriander without hesitation.

As expected, Si Ye Han guessed it correctly once again.

If we continue like this, there's hope of getting the prize!

At first, everyone was just watching for the fun of it, but they gradually started to watch with rapt attention.

Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han actually managed to correctly answer eight questions back-to-back.

Even Ye Wanwan herself was dumbfounded as she stared at Si Ye Han.

"Damn, Si Ye Han, can you read minds?"

Si Xia initially had a glum expression like all this was beneath him, but after they got eight questions correct, his face changed.

"This pair of lovers is too awesome! They actually got eight consecutive questions correct! We're now left with two questions. If they get another one right, they'll receive the first prize and if they get both questions right, they'll walk away with the grand prize!" the host said excitedly.

The other customers also looked at the two of them out of curiosity - a handsome man and a beautiful woman had such a great rapport. They were simply winners in life!

" For the 9th set of images, please look at the big screen!"

Following the words of the host, another set of images appeared on the big screen.

There was an image of smoke from chimneys spiraling upwards on the left and an image of a galaxy of stars on the right.

Seeing these two images, Ye Wanwan pondered for a moment and thought that the first image was more in line with her personality - a comfortable and peaceful life, so that was what she chose.

Si Xia muttered to himself, "The second image..."

Ye Wanwan already heard Si Xia's mumblings numerous times but he got it all wrong and she was completely speechless.

From another perspective, this chap was quite amazing to be able to avoid all the right answers.

At the same time, Si Ye Han said, "The first image."

"The answer is correct! My goodness! They got nine questions right! They've already broken the highest record in our restaurant! Can this pair of super lovers get the last question right! Let's wait and see! I'm getting a little nervous myself!" The host took a deep breath dramatically then revealed the last set of images.

Damn! We actually got nine questions right!

Ye Wanwan was in a daze. Her eyes were wide open and her heart started thumping harder.

Finally, the tenth set of images appeared.

This set of images was quite unique - they were both images of guns and these two guns looked almost identical.

Ye Wanwan was somewhat speechless - is this game called "Telepathy" or "Spot the difference"?

These two images look exactly the same?

Indeed, the grand prize isn't won so easily...

The host was a bit stunned by the images as well. *cough* "This set of images is quite tricky! The guns look almost exactly the same, huh? Only the handle and muzzle have some minor differences. I wonder which image this beauty will choose..."

Ye Wanwan looked at the images carefully many times.

Unsure whether it was her gut feeling or not, but her eyes kept looking at the first image; she found the first image to be more familiar.


Ye Wanwan couldn't make up her mind after a long time and finally, she decided. Why don't I... just rely on my intuition?

The first image seems more pleasing to the eye after all!

I'm not sure if Si Ye Han will guess it right this time...

They got some clues through their rapport and understanding of one another for the previous questions, but for this set of images, they could only rely on luck.

Finally, after taking a deep breath, Ye Wanwan selected the first image...

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