Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 483: Learning how to flirt

Chapter 483: Learning how to flirt

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They had gotten three questions wrong, so there was no way they would get the prize anymore. The two of them were in no mood to keep playing and ended the game abruptly.

Once the game ended, Ye Wanwan started to whine to Si Ye Han, "This little devil is pissing me off! How could he get such easy questions wrong?"

"I didn't get them wrong!" Si Xia retorted.

"You got all three questions wrong, yet you're still denying it!" Ye Wanwan exploded.

Si Ye Han didn't speak. He stroked her head with his big palms to console her and there was an unreadable expression on his face.

As she fought with Si Xia, the atmosphere turned rigid.

On stage, the host started to tabulate the scores. "Currently, the highest score is eight points by the pair of lovers at table 23. If no one else takes up the challenge tonight, the prize will go to them!"

Si Ye Han turned to the sulking girl beside him. "Not happy?"

Ye Wanwan returned to her senses and smiled. "I'm fine!"

It didn't matter that they lost - Ye Wanwan wasn't bothered by that. What angered her was Si Xia's attitude. He was obviously the one who guessed wrong, yet he kept pushing the blame onto her.

Si Ye Han placed his drink down and asked Ye Wanwan, "Play it with me once?"

Ye Wanwan turned to him, stunned.

What? Play it with him once?

How could Si Ye Han possibly want to play this game...

Which means... he said it on purpose... and he's actually doing it for me?

With that thought, Ye Wanwan's heart skipped a beat.

Oh dear...

Why do I find that Si Ye Han's starting to learn how to flirt?

Si Ye Han gave her a questioning look. "Hm?"

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly. "Of course!"

Si Xia glanced at Si Ye Han then turned away with a stiff expression.

"Can we play the game?" Ye Wanwan quickly stood up to ask.

The host saw that it was Ye Wanwan who had just answered three questions wrong and said apologetically, "Every group may join only once!"

"I'm not teaming up with him this time. I'll be teaming up with my boyfriend, is this okay?" Ye Wanwan asked.

The host replied, "That's fine!"

Hence, the game began once again.

Ye Wanwan held the remote control nervously.

At the same time, the first group of images appeared on the big screen.

On the left was an image of a strawberry cake and on the right was an almond cake.

"Almond..." Si Xia mumbled.

Ye Wanwan didn't listen to him. She stuck to her choice and chose the strawberry cake. I obviously like eating strawberries, alright?

Shortly after, Si Ye Han said, "Strawberry."

Ye Wanwan's eyes lit up. That's right!

But this question was very easy; it was unsurprising that Si Ye Han got it right.

Host: "Congratulations, that's correct. Please take a look at the second set of images!"

Following that, the second set appeared.

An image of a white skirt on the left and a black skirt on the right appeared.

Of course it would be the fairy-like flowy white skirt. Ye Wanwan chose the white skirt with certainty.

Si Ye Han: "White."

He got it right again!

This time, Si Xia finally shut his mouth.

Very soon, the third set of images appeared.

On the left was an image of a bottle of wine and on the right was a bottle of orange juice.

Ye Wanwan chose the orange juice.

Si Ye Han: "Juice."

Ye Wanwan was excited - they got three consecutive questions right.

"As expected, lovers are different - they have telepathy with one another and this couple got three questions correct so far!" The host smiled.

Ye Wanwan was all smiles and her mood improved instantly. She certainly had a better rapport with Si Ye Han...

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