Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 482: How did you even guess?

Chapter 482: How did you even guess?

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As their table was very close to the stage, they could simply play the game in their seats.

The host's eyes lit up when she saw the three of them. She walked forward and asked, "May I know who's participating in this game?"

Ye Wanwan pointed at herself and Si Xia. "Both of us!"

"May I know how the two of you are related to each other? Friends?"

The host initially wanted to ask if they were lovers, but although this girl looked like she could be in a relationship with this boy, she was definitely more intimate with the guy next to her.

To prevent Si Xia from speaking nonsense, Ye Wanwan swiftly replied first, "Relatives."

"I see, great. Then before we start, I need to tell you that the highest score right now is eight points. The two of you need to surpass this score in order to win a prize. If there's a tie, we'll arrange for a playoff. We'll start right away if there are no other questions!"

"No problem, let's start!" Si Xia prompted.

Ye Wanwan didn't have a choice and could only go along with him. "No problem."

"Miss, please hold the remote control in your hands. Two images will appear on the big screen once the game starts. Please choose one of the images within three seconds. Your choice will be revealed after this handsome lad here makes a guess."

The host explained the game then announced the official start of the game.

Shortly after, the images on the big screen rotated at lightning speed and slowly came to a stop.

There was an image of a black rose on the right and a golden, bright sunflower on the left.

With trigger-happy reflexes, Ye Wanwan chose the sunflower without a second thought.

"This handsome lad here, please make a guess now - which image did she choose?"

Ye Wanwan stared at Si Xia nervously, awaiting his response.

Si Xia glanced at the two images then replied firmly, "Black rose."

When the host heard that, she had a sorrowful expression. "Sorry, you got it wrong. This beautiful lady chose the sunflower."

The big screen revealed Ye Wanwan's choice and there was a big check mark next to the image of the sunflower.

"This is just the first stage. There are still plenty of chances, so please work harder for the next round!" the host cheered them on.

Shortly after that, the second group of images appeared - a little yellow chick on the left and a big white tiger on the right.

This is too easy! Obviously the big white tiger!

Just by looking at my actions, it should be quite obvious that I prefer the big white tiger. Si Xia shouldn't get this question wrong, right?

Host: "Mister, your guess is?"

Si Xia: "Little yellow chick."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Which eyeball of yours saw that I liked little yellow chicks...

*cough* "These two questions might have been a bit difficult, let's continue to work hard!" The host tried to ease the situation.

Now that they had gotten two questions wrong, if they got the next question wrong as well, they would not get the prize for sure.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath, looked at the big screen and finally, the third group of images appeared.

On the left, there was an image of a gun and a bouquet of fresh flowers on the right.

Ye Wanwan's eyes glistened. Great, this is easy!

Ye Wanwan chose the fresh flowers without hesitation then looked at Si Xia with high expectations.

Alas, in the next second, she heard Si Xia say, "M416."

Si Xia was referring to the model of the gun.

The green veins on Ye Wanwan's forehead popped out. She finally lost her cool and glared at Si Xia. "What the h***! How did you even guess?!"

Si Xia was furious as well, "Obviously I guessed according to your preferences! I should be the one asking you! How on earth did you choose?!"

Listening to his excuse, Ye Wanwan was agitated. "What's wrong with my choices? Which girl wouldn't choose a flower over a gun? For the second question, can't you tell how much I like Great White? Why would I choose a little yellow chick! Also, for the first question, what the h*** is a black rose! It's black in color - who would like it? Didn't you see that I planted an entire garden of sunflowers?"

"You obviously..." Si Xia's face darkened. He opened his mouth but didn't say anything.

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