Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 476: You already have me

Chapter 476: You already have me

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Xiao Qing continued excitedly, "Also, Ye-ge's been promoted. Ye-ge is now the director of the talent recruitment department..."

While Luo Chen was still listening in a daze, two new footsteps approached the door.

It was Ye Bai returning to the office and following behind him was... Gong Xu!

Gong Xu had just gotten his makeup done. His entire being was dazzling with brilliance and the office brightened up the second he walked in. "Hi~"

"Ah! Gong... Gong Xu!" Xiao Qing exclaimed in surprise.

Wherever Gong Xu went, the stars would twinkle around him along with numerous bodyguards surrounding him. Even though they worked in the same company, the little assistant had never seen Gong Xu in such close proximity. Now that she had met him, she was so excited that she nearly fainted.

"Hello, little sweetheart, pleased to meet you. We're a family now!" When Gong Xu saw her reaction, he became cockier, revealing faintly discernible little canine teeth when he smiled, causing the little assistant to go crazy.

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and glanced at Gong Xu helplessly, indicating to him that he should probably stop.

Gong Xu then exercised a little restraint. He turned to Luo Chen, who was still sitting at the side in a daze and raised his brows. "Ye-ge, this is the guy under your care, Luo Chen?"

"En." Ye Wanwan nodded then turned to Luo Chen and said gently, "Luo Chen, Gong Xu just signed on to work under me, say hello!"

Gong Xu was sitting on the sofa casually. When he saw that Ye Wanwan spoke in a much gentler tone towards Luo Chen, there was an inexplicable uneasiness in his heart. He rubbed his chin and curled his lips. "Ye-ge, you have me now, so why do you still need this guy? Why don't you just focus on grooming me alone in the future?"

Hearing that, Luo Chen, who was about to greet Gong Xu, froze.

Ye Wanwan's face darkened as well.

I really underestimated this Gong Xu!

He just started working with me and now his true nature's beginning to show...

Ye Wanwan immediately shot a look of warning towards Gong Xu. "If you want to continue working with me, don't let me hear something like that ever again."

Gong Xu saw Ye Wanwan was angered, so he swiftly brought out his signature smile. "Ye-ge, don't be mad, I was just joking~"

Luo Chen still didn't look too pleased and his face turned dull as well.

"Ye-ge, let's go have a meal together later! Consider it a celebration of me joining the team!" Gong Xu suggested unabashedly.

Ye Wanwan was tidying up some work from Gong Xu's transfer as she replied, "Another day! I have to deal with some paperwork first!"

"You're busy in the evening?" Gong Xu asked.

Ye Wanwan answered without even looking up, "I made plans this evening."

"What plans?" Gong Xu asked again, unwilling to give up.

"A date with my girlfriend," Ye Wanwan replied.

"Oh..." This finally shut Gong Xu up. His expression was as listless as a child who was refused his candy.

A few hours went by in a flash and the sky started to turn dark.

Ye Wanwan saw that it was almost time to go, so she quickly packed up her things then rushed out of the company building.

From entering Dazzling by solving Han Xian Yu's crisis to signing Luo Chen then successfully helping Luo Chen get the supporting role in the "Terrifying Dragon" sequel and today, surprisingly managing to topple Zhou Wen Bin, this greatest enemy of hers, and even signing Gong Xu...she had come a long way.

After being reborn, she put in so much effort and hard work for so long and things were finally moving in the right direction...

At this very moment, she really wanted to share this news with someone.

In this split second, the first person that popped into her head was unexpectedly that lonely figure in the night wind...

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