Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 477: Darling, praise me!

Chapter 477: Darling, praise me!

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Jin garden:

The evening wind blew gently and the little garden was filled with the scent of cabbages, citron daylilies and sunflowers.

Next to the round table under the shade of the tree, Si Ye Han held a cup of ginseng tea as a sleek white tiger laid next to his feet.

At this moment, there was another person sitting at the round table. His features looked somewhat similar to Si Ye Han's and he was wearing a white vintage suit with gold trimmings. He had aristocratic mannerisms and was overcome with boredom as he propped up his head with his hand and complained, "Why is 9th aunt still not back yet?"

"What's the matter?" Si Ye Han asked coldly.

"I was looking for 9th aunt, not you!"

Si Xia's eyes lit up and he asked, "Oh right, I heard that... 9th aunt recently signed a new artist and he's the leading star in the company, a current popular teen idol... I really couldn't tell that 9th aunt is quite capable, huh!"

When Si Ye Han heard that, his only reaction was to pause as he held the cup in midair; it was almost impossible to detect any emotions in his eyes.

Seeing that Si Ye Han didn't react, Si Xia was unsatisfied. He asked softly, "Oh, I didn't expect that 9th uncle would actually be so trusting to allow 9th aunt to leave and even allow her to recruit one male artist after another. Aren't you afraid of wearing a green hat?"

"There are so many teen idols in the entertainment industry - it's simply tempting to the eyes! Also, 9th aunt is so young, so naturally, she would prefer guys around her age. 9th uncle, you better not be too confident..."

Si Ye Han didn't react but when Xu Yi, who was at the side, heard this, his expression immediately turned ugly.

This young master Si Xia simply wants the world to burn, huh? Master and Miss Wanwan's relationship just improved slightly, but now Si Xia showed up and started spouting nonsense in front of master.

Is he here to visit the sick or to agitate someone?

With master's current condition, how can he withstand this taunting...

Xu Yi was helpless since he couldn't disclose the nature of Si Ye Han's real illness and he could only say, "Young master Si Xia, you're mistaken. Miss Wanwan disguises as a man!"

When Si Xia heard that he scoffed lightly, "So what? When the time comes, she might bring home both men and women~"

Si Xia continued on like he hadn't noticed Si Ye Han's face gradually turning cold and becoming menacing. "For instance, who's that artist 9th aunt recently recruited? Oh yes, that flirtatious prince from the Gong family. I heard he doesn't discriminate between guys and girls..."

Xu Yi couldn't tolerate Si Xia's ridiculous remarks anymore.

As he was just about to cut Si Xia off, a set of rapid footsteps came from behind him. Xu Yi turned around instinctively towards the direction of the sound.

Following that, the three people saw a pink figure running towards them like a gust of wind.

The girl ignored the presence of everyone expect Si Ye Han and ran directly into his arms.

Si Ye Han caught the girl colliding into him in a flash and at the same time, the ginseng tea in his hand jerked violently, almost spilling onto the girl.

Si Ye Han frowned. He was about to speak, but in the next second, he felt something soft on his cool lips...

Ye Wanwan pounced over, lowered her head immediately and kissed him on his lips swiftly. As she had just run over, she was a little out of breath and her chest was moving up and down quickly. Her eyes glistened like the stars in the galaxy and were filled with life and vigor as she said, "Darling, I'm back! Did you miss me?"

The cloud of gloominess around Si Ye Han that arose from Si Xia's comments immediately dissipated the moment she crashed into his arms...

Ye Wanwan's bright eyes focused on him. Her face eagerly sought praise as she said, "Quick, praise me! I've been promoted! And I also recruited another artist! Am I awesome or what?"

Si Ye Han placed his cup down and held her in his lap then praised her very obediently, "En, not bad."

Xu Yi who was worried to death his master would be angry: "..."

The little young master Si who thought he had finally been successful in his taunting but who lost his chance before he could rejoice: "..."

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