Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 475: There's a chance

Chapter 475: There's a chance

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In the makeup room, after the crowd of onlookers had dispersed:

Gong Xu asked Ye Wanwan in private: "Ye-ge, you see, now that we've established such a close relationship, can we..."

Ye Wanwan gave Gong Xu a sidelong glance and stood up slowly from the chair. "Depends on your performance."

Even though Gong Xu was somewhat disappointed, his spirits rose very quickly. Brother-in-law wants to observe me - this means there's a chance!

With that thought, Gong Xu felt suddenly invigorated. "Ye-ge, don't worry. I'll definitely perform well!"

Seeing this vain, great young master acting like an ambitious youth, Ye Wanwan couldn't help but burst out in laughter. "I really look forward to your performance."

The upward curvature of his lips spread like a ripple towards Gong Xu's heart...

In Gong Xu's eyes, this smile was an exact replica of that girl who gave him those candied plums...

Gong Xu stood rooted to the ground in a daze. He was dazzled and the tips of his ears started burning.

Is it because they're siblings?

In that split second just now, the two of them looked so alike...


Zhou Wen Bin wasn't sure how he returned to his own office.

It hadn't been long since he returned to his luxurious office. Before he could come to his senses, his phone started ringing.

Seeing that it was Chu Hong Guang, an ominous premonition instantly arose in his heart.

"Hello, chairman Chu..."

On the other end of the call, Chu Hong Guang sighed. "Wen Bin, you've been with the company for such a long time. Why can't you hold a single person back?"

Zhou Wen Bin replied anxiously, "Chairman Chu, I have no animosity towards Gong Xu at all. That young guy, Ye Bai, must've played some dirty tricks under the table..."

"Alright, alright. Gong Xu's gone over to Ye Bai's side already, so this is the end of it. I have another issue I want to discuss right now!" Chu Hong Guang's tone became stern and cold.

"Another issue?" Zhou Wen Bin asked hesitantly.

Chu Hong Guang said in a deep voice, "I just emailed you. Go take a look for yourself!"

Zhou Wen Bin hurriedly turned on his computer and opened the latest email from Chu Hong Guang.

When he saw the contents of the email, the last tinge of color on Zhou Wen Bin's face disappeared...

"Chu... chairman Chu, I can explain! I..."

Chu Hong Guang reprimanded him on the spot: "Explain? A few artists under your care jointly reported you for collecting private bribes and violating the interests of the company! There is solid proof! What's there to explain?"

"It's not like that, chairman Chu. You know a lot of resources and money are needed to groom an artist. I collected the bribes so I could better..."

"Don't try to deny it. All I need to know is that you collected bribes. Seeing as you're a senior manager in the company, as long as you return the bribes you collected, the company will not take legal action against you!"

"Chairman Chu! Chairman Chu..."

Without waiting for Zhou Wen Bin to speak, Chu Hong Guang hung up.

Zhou Wen Bin stared at the phone with a pale face. His body trembled and he slumped into the chair behind him.

It's over...

This time, it's completely over for me.. .

In Ye Wanwan's office:

Ever since Ye Wanwan suddenly left the office, Luo Chen had been sitting on the sofa in a daze without moving.

Unsure how much time passed, a pair of urgent footsteps appeared before the door was pushed open by someone.

The little assistant stood at the door, surprised to see Luo Chen inside. "Luo Chen, why're you still here?"

Luo Chen lowered his head like he had lost all the light in him and said in a hoarse voice, "Xiao Qing... I want to return to Zhou Wen Bin..."

"Huh? What did you say?" Xiao Qing's eyes widened.

Luo Chen balled his fists so tightly that they turned white. The redness in his eyes was the result of his internal struggle as he declared firmly, "I don't want to drag Ye-ge down anymore!"

Xiao Qing was stunned and quickly said, "Luo Chen, you don't know about Zhou Wen Bin yet! He's already been fired by the company!"

Luo Chen seemed like he didn't comprehend what Xiao Qing said as he replied in a state of shock, "What did you say? Zhou Wen Bin's fired? This... how is that possible?!"

Xiao Qing immediately told Luo Chen everything that happened upstairs in the makeup room.

Luo Chen was completely dumbfounded. His eyes, which were dull and lifeless at first, were now filled with disbelief...

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