Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 474: I belong to you now

Chapter 474: I belong to you now

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Usually, Zhou Wen Bin treated everyone in the company harshly and cries of complaints were heard everywhere, especially from lower-level employees who hated his behavior, but due to Gong Xu's background, nobody dared to voice their frustrations.

Today, after witnessing Zhou Wen Bin being discarded by Gong Xu, everyone felt he deserved it and watching his hypocritical act, all of them looked down on him as they whispered to each other...

"Although I really don't know what's going on with Gong Xu, Zhou Wen Bin's just disgusting - good deeds and hard work? Put in a lot of hard work? How did he manage to get all that out of his mouth?"

"Exactly! Ever since he got Gong Xu, he depends entirely on this golden thigh and tyrannizes the company, bullies the staff and collects a high commission by force; he's motivated by personal gain. Just how many artists were exploited by him?"

"This is his retribution. He had this day coming when he gets tossed aside by Gong Xu! A tiger with no teeth - let's see how he can continue to be arrogant like that!"


Gong Xu looked suspiciously at Zhou Wen Bin's so-called hardworking and loyal face and a hint of iciness appeared in his dazzling eyes as he sneered, "Zhou Wen Bin, stop acting all nice and pitiful here. Don't you have any idea how much you've profited from me? Or... do you really think I'm a rich fool with more money than sense?"

Hearing that, the cold sweat on Zhou Wen Bin's forehead came trickling down immediately. This was the first time he realized that although this prince was arrogant and despotic, ignorant and incompetent, he wasn't an idiot who could be deceived so easily.

At this moment, Zhou Wen Bin finally started to panic. "Gong Xu... Gong Xu, you can't do this to me... you can't..."

As the last few years had been going so smoothly, he had increasingly shown no restraint and offended many people. Chu Hong Guang had also been monitoring him closely, tempted to chase him out of the company. Once he lost an artist like Gong Xu, he couldn't imagine what would happen to him...

Gong Xu wasn't someone with patience; he had already reached his limit after wasting so much time. Thus, he made a call to the Human Resources Department.

This incident had been blown out of proportion, so the Human Resources Department had already heard about the incident and the news about Zhou Wen Bin losing favor. They already asked for instructions from Chu Hong Guang the first chance they got.

Chu Hong Guang's response was as expected.

Thus, right after Gong Xu made the call, the Human Resources Department had already prepared the entire process and procedures required for a manager replacement with the highest efficiency.

The director of the Human Resources Department personally rushed over with the contract for the new manager.

Seeing how efficient the Human Resources Department was, great young master Gong's face turned gentler. He took the contract from the director, flipped to the last page without reading it and signed his name. Then he walked to Ye Wanwan cheerfully. "Ye-ge, please take a look. If you have no problems with it, you may sign it!"

Gong Xu's peach blossom eyes flickered, urging Ye Wanwan. His head was filled with beautiful pink fantasies.

Ah! My Little Candied Plum! I'll be able to take advantage of my job and use my tricks to find out about Little Candied Plum or ask for her phone number or something...

Ye Wanwan was a little speechless by that scorching stare, but she still took the contract and signed her name.

When Zhou Wen Bin witnessed Ye Wanwan signing her name, it was as if he lost his soul. His face turned ashen and he looked lifeless.

Gong Xu held up the new contract with both hands like it was his baby and he looked as if he wanted to turn into a butterfly and fly around the room. "Ye-ge, from today onwards, I belong to you!"

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