Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 473: A double-edged sword

Chapter 473: A double-edged sword

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After coming into direct contact with Gong Xu, Ye Wanwan finally understood why Gong Xu's reputation was so bad, filled with so many scandals. She also understood why he still had so many loyal fans.

This guy had an outrageously good-looking face and when he acted pitifully, he was simply too attractive, causing people to forgive him for everything and giving in to any requests he had.

If his fans saw him like this, their screams would probably break through the clouds.

However, Ye Wanwan didn't believe a single word of Gong Xu's promises.

With regards to the "glorious deeds" of Gong Xu, she knew them very well.

Gong Xu will listen obediently to his manager? This could potentially be the greatest lie of the year in the entertainment industry.

The moment Gong Xu said that everyone's gazes landed on Ye Wanwan, awaiting her response.

Zhou Wen Bin stared at Ye Wanwan with a gaze that looked as if he wanted to burn her alive. "Gong Xu, did this guy say something to you? This guy's very treacherous and cunning - don't be fooled by him!"

Gong Xu was afraid Mr. Ye would be angered, so to de-escalate the situation, he quickly yelled, "Zhou Wen Bin! Why are you..."

At this moment, a man's clear voice resounded, "Alright."

Following Ye Wanwan's "alright," there was a pin-drop silence in the makeup room.

Gong Xu was speechless. He was stunned at first like he was in disbelief then both his eyes suddenly sparkled. He turned to Ye Wanwan excitedly. "Ye-ge! You... you agreed? You're willing to take me in?"

Why not?

My goal is to protect the Ye family and Emperor Sky Entertainment. With my current progress, I'm still too far from my goal.

Even if Luo Chen becomes famous from this show, I'll still be trampled by Zhou Wen Bin and if I want to solidify my power, I still have a long way to go.

If I take in Gong Xu, that would be a great help to me.

I know Gong Xu's a double-edged sword, extremely hard to control.

But, so what?

In the entertainment industry, there are all kinds of risks and gambles; there's no reason why I should decline such a great opportunity.

Ye Wanwan said leisurely, "I only have Luo Chen under me right now and today, he's on the right track, so there's no harm in taking on another artist, it's just that..."

As Ye Wanwan spoke, she looked over at Zhou Wen Bin with a meaningful glance.

Seeing that, Gong Xu said, "Ye-ge, as long as you agree, there won't be any problems. Don't worry about any other issues - I'll settle them!"

Gong Xu turned towards Zhou Wen Bin the moment he finished his sentence and said eagerly, "Why're you still standing there? Didn't you see that Ye-ge has agreed? Go bring my contract over right now!"

Zhou Wen Bin didn't expect this at all; Ye Bai was beaten down by him to the point where he couldn't even fight back just a moment ago, but now there was a complete turn of events and not only was he forced to return the role to Ye Bai but even Gong Xu was leaving with him!

The craziest thing was that until now, he still didn't understand what exactly happened and why there was such a sudden change in Gong Xu's attitude.

No way! There's no way!

It was so hard for me to grab onto this money tree [1]. Gong Xu - how can I just simply let him go?!

Zhou Wen Bin wept and wailed on the spot. "Gong Xu! I've been with you for three entire years and was totally devoted to you - even if I haven't done any good deeds, I've put in a lot of hard work. You actually tossed me away all for this scheming young guy?"

At this moment, there were more and more onlookers. Everyone watching was part of the internal staff and they all knew Zhou Wen Bin's character. Watching Zhou Wen Bin's act, everybody felt sick to their stomachs.

[1]: A source of easy money

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