Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 472: Just take me in!

Chapter 472: Just take me in!

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Gong Xu waved Zhou Wen Bin off impatiently, making him move aside. With his peach blossom eyes and lovable appearance, he eagerly moved towards Ye Wanwan to take credit. "Ye-ge, the matter has been resolved. See, I told you that I wasn't involved in this! But... it started because of me after all, so in order to express my sincerest apologies, why don't I treat you to dinner this evening?"

Ye Wanwan forced a smile and looked into the man's eyes that were as sparkly as the stars. "Young master Gong is too polite; there's no need for the treat."

When Gong Xu heard that, he instantly panicked and felt he had definitely left a bad impression on Ye Bai due to his snatching of the role. He was afraid Ye Bai would never let him near his sister.

How can I simply let this go? I put in so much effort just to find my Little Candied Plum!

I have to quickly get into Ye Bai's good books!

But... how do I do that...

Gong Xu felt like he was on the hot seat, but his eyes suddenly lit up and he seemed to have thought of something.

Gong Xu put on an experienced and jaded expression. Acting helpless, he sighed and said, "Ay, Ye-ge, my reputation in the industry has been bad all these years, all because I was matched to irresponsible managers. I've suffered so badly under them! That's why I really admire Luo Chen - he has a manager like Ye-ge who's so responsible and has good foresight, not to mention being very good looking!"

"Ye-ge, I won't hide it from you - from the very first day you stepped into the company, I knew you were no ordinary person. With so many artists in the company, why else would you pick Luo Chen, someone with so much potential? Before, you mentioned that unless Zhou Wen Bin exchanged me for Luo Chen, you wouldn't consider giving Luo Chen up. This really made me feel extremely honored..."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Watching Gong Xu, this great young master with an ego higher than the sky, trying to win over Ye Bai so eloquently with a deluge of heavenly flowers, Zhou Wen Bin's expression looked as if he had just seen a ghost...

Darn it! What's with Gong Xu today? Is he possessed?

When Gong Xu was done currying favor, he asked, "Ye-ge, I know my skills are weak, but I have a heart that's willing to work diligently to improve. I'm just lacking a talent scout like Ye-ge who's so good at teaching! So... Ye-ge, could you please take me in?"

When Zhou Wen Bin saw Gong Xu currying favor with Ye Wanwan, his face was just gloomy, but the moment he heard this, his pupils constricted.

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched. "Take you in?"

Gong Xu nodded like a chicken pecking at grains. "En en, Ye-ge, I really want to work with you! Ye-ge, please be my manager, alright?"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

To any other artist, having a change in manager was an extremely important matter, but coming from Gong Xu's mouth, it sounded like he was just changing his watch or phone.

The second Gong Xu said he wanted a change in manager, all the assistants and staff in the makeup room, including all the onlookers at the door, were so shocked that their chins dropped to the floor.

Damn, what did we just hear?

Gong Xu actually wants a new manager and even took the initiative to ask to work under Ye Bai!

Zhou Wen Bin's face was terribly pale. His face suddenly changed as he turned to Gong Xu. "Gong... Gong Xu... you want a change of manager? How could you do this?!"

Gong Xu raised his brows. His eyes were suddenly filled with arrogance and defiance as he said,"What? Must I go through your approval just for a change of manager? Who do you think you are?!"

Every one of his previous managers was changed just by a single word from him; even if Chu Hong Guang was here, he couldn't control which manager Gong Xu worked with.

Gong Xu didn't bother with Zhou Wen Bin. Instead, he moved closer to Ye Wanwan in an obedient and adorable manner. "Ye-ge, is that alright, is that alright? Please take me in! I promise I'll listen to you obediently. I'll listen to everything you say!"

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