Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 471: Get someone else to do it

Chapter 471: Get someone else to do it

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Before Zhou Wen Bin could finish his sentence, Gong Xu was already frothing at the mouth. "Get lost! Who had any kind of discussion with you? What do you mean, huh? Are you accusing me of being a bully, using my position for personal gain and acting as a shameless person stealing the role of an artist within the same company?"

Gong Xu's expression implied that he would bite whoever dared to ruin his reputation in front of his future brother-in-law!

Seeing as Gong Xu was telling a barefaced lie, Zhou Wen Bin's face was as black as the underside of a pot, but he could only force himself to say, "How... how could that be... of course not..."

Only then was Gong Xu satisfied as he sneered, "So, on the surface you obeyed orders but you secretly took matters into your own hands behind my back! You made this mess, so you have to fix this yourself! You, call the production team right now to clear things up - I will never take this role!"

How could he refuse the role that's already in his hands and present it to Luo Chen personally?

When Zhou Wen Bin heard that, his face turned ugly. He suppressed the darkness in his eyes, walked over to Gong Xu's side and coaxed him nicely, "Gong Xu, the production team has already selected you for this role and will be making it public soon. Suddenly saying that you don't want to act anymore - it's really hard for my side to explain this to the production team! This... we definitely can't back out now!"

Zhou Wen Bin obviously wouldn't give up on the role so easily.

How could Ye Wanwan not know what Zhou Wen Bin was thinking about? She smiled and said, "Director Zhou's really humble; I just discussed the collaboration with the production team and when I returned to the office, I was informed about the change of actor for the supporting role - I'm sure everyone knows how efficient you are, director Zhou."

Zhou Wen Bin was frustrated and immediately lashed out at Ye Bai, "I was speaking to Gong Xu - who are you to interrupt?! Who do you think you are?!"

The moment Zhou Wen Bin spoke, Gong Xu slammed the table and roared, "Zhou Wen Bin! Is this how you speak to Ye-ge?!"


When Zhou Wen Bin heard how Gong Xu addressed Ye Bai, his eyes opened wide in utter disbelief.

Gong Xu actually called Ye Bai "Ye-ge"? [1]

This... what exactly is going on here?

Gong Xu stroked his fringe as the noble and haughty aura around him suddenly dissipated. "Tsk, you can't change it? Sure! If you can't do it, why don't I get someone else to do it?"

When Zhou Wen Bin heard him, it was as if his pressure points were struck and his face turned completely white.

This brainless great young master, Gong Xu, is easy to talk to when he's in a good mood but when his temper rises, there's nothing he won't do. If he gets so mad that he wants a change in manager, it's all over...

Zhou Wen Bin couldn't afford to worry about Ye Bai anymore. He made a prompt decision and said, "Gong Xu, this incident was truly my fault for not thinking things through carefully - I should've discussed with you before making any decisions. I'll clear things up with the production crew immediately and will definitely clear up this mess!"

Zhou Wen Bin walked to a corner after speaking and called the production crew to try to clear up the mess. He was completely distraught.

The production team was already prepared to go public with the list of cast members when Zhou Wen Bin called them all of a sudden to tell them that Gong Xu didn't want to be part of the production anymore. Obviously, their attitudes were sour and Zhou Wen Bin could only hold in his temper and explain, stubbornly declining the role that was already in their possession...

It was chaotic in the makeup room as there was quite a number of artists and staff crowded outside. Seeing that Zhou Wen Bin had been scolded so badly by Gong Xu, everyone started whispering and gossiping.

After Zhou Wen Bin made the call, he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and walked towards Gong Xu with residual fear. "Gong Xu, I already made things clear with the production team according to your instructions..."

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