Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 470: Are you trying to ruin my reputation?

Chapter 470: Are you trying to ruin my reputation?

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I guess Ye Bai was driven to a corner and had to take desperate measures, huh?

But of course, this wasn't surprising - if Luo Chen didn't get this role, all of Ye Bai's efforts would go to waste.

I already said this before - as long as I'm part of Dazzling, Luo Chen will crawl back to me sooner or later!

Thinking up till this point, Zhou Wen Bin became even more cheerful as he strolled over leisurely. "Ye Bai, what're you doing here? The production crew already cast Gong Xu as Lin Luo Chen; doesn't it look bad for you to make a scene here?"

Upon hearing Zhou Wen Bin's rude comments, Gong Xu's face instantly turned icy.

Ye Wanwan crossed her legs, leaned her forehead against her hand and smiled sarcastically at Zhou Wen Bin. "Oh? Gong Xu got the role of Lin Luo Chen? Why haven't I heard anything about this?"

At that moment, Zhou Wen Bin, who was still as pleased as punch, didn't notice any difference in Gong Xu. Seeing as Ye Bai was unwilling to accept the truth, he sneered. "Our Gong Xu's busy preparing to enter the cast of 'Terrifying Dragon 2.' He doesn't have time to entertain your unreasonable provocations!"

Now that Luo Chen was useless, she couldn't fight with him and in the eyes of Chu Hong Guang, she would be completely worthless. However, she had Gong Xu - this foolish but rich second generation kid - to cover him. So right now, she wasn't worried about this youngster who thought too highly of himself.

When Zhou Wen Bin finished speaking, he immediately turned to the security guards by the door and ordered: "Security, what're you guys waiting for? Chase this man out of the office! Does the company pay you to slack off? If Gong Xu's preparations for the sequel are interrupted, you guys will be chased out like this guy!"

Before the security guards could move, Gong Xu jumped up from his chair. With a "bang," he slapped the makeup table. He had reached the end of his patience as he berated him: "Zhou Wen Bin, shut the hell up! Who said I would be acting in 'Terrifying Dragon 2'? Who said I would be Lin Luo Chen?"

Up until now, Zhou Wen Bin had been smugly satisfied, but after he heard that, he instantly froze. He hadn't realized the full consequences of what Gong Xu meant when he replied: "Uh... Gong Xu, what do you mean? Weren't you the one who allowed me..."

Gong Xu furrowed his brows. Arrogance appeared between his brows, making his stunning face look even more charming. "What did I allow! Who gave you permission to give me the role of Lin Luo Chen? Luo Chen was the original actor for Lin Luo Chen. His acting's fantastic and the public supports him, yet you interfered and snatched the role from an artist in the same company. What malicious intentions do you have? Do you even have a bit of team spirit? Now you actually tried to put this basin of s*** on little master's (my) head - were you trying to ruin my reputation?"

"..." Zhou Wen Bin stood upright. He was astonished and couldn't come back to his senses for a long time, completely stunned by what Gong Xu said.

The two assistants were dumbfounded as well as they stared at Gong Xu's act of righteousness.

Is Gong Xu... possessed today?

Also, what does he mean by ruin his reputation?

This great young master already ruined his own reputation; who could ruin it even further?

Even Ye Wanwan's lips twitched, not to mention other people.

Who exactly said that Gong Xu's acting is horrendous?

This guy's acting... is pretty amazing...

Those who didn't know might really think he was a righteous youth with five stresses and four beauties [1]!

Zhou Wen Bin took a very long time to return to his senses. At the same time, he realized that something wasn't right. He turned to Gong Xu with a slight change in expression. "Gong Xu, just what's going on here? Didn't we have a discussion already? You were the one who said you had to have the role of Lin Luo Chen, that's why I..."

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