Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 469: This must be a misunderstanding

Chapter 469: This must be a misunderstanding

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When Gong Xu heard that, his face froze and he suddenly remembered he just snatched the role of Lin Luo Chen from Ye Bai.

When he thought about how he already offended his future brother-in-law before he even found Little Candied Plum, beads of cold sweat started trickling down Gong Xu's forehead.

After pondering it for a short while, Gong Xu said without hesitation: "'Terrifying Dragon 2'? Who said that? I'm acting in 'Terrifying Dragon 2' - how come I don't know anything about that? No! That's definitely not a thing!"

"Oh? Is that so?" Ye Wanwan laughed. She brought out the fax sheet the little assistant gave her.

Gong Xu glanced at the list of artists and immediately gnashed his teeth, wishing he could drag Zhou Wen Bin out for a beating.

If Zhou Wen Bin hadn't kept nagging him, why would he court death by snatching the role of an artist under Ye Bai? He wouldn't have dared to offend Little Candied Plum's older brother otherwise!

Afraid that this incident would cause the distance between him and Little Candied Plum to widen, Gong Xu made up his mind and said, "Ye-ge this was a misunderstanding. This must've been a misunderstanding! Why would I possibly take on a role as a supporting actor when the original cast was fine!"

After speaking, he turned his head immediately to look at his assistants. "Both of you, what's going on exactly? Who allowed you to get me this role without authorization?"

The two assistants were completely lost. After they looked at each other, one of them replied, "Huh? Xu-ge, wasn't this role the one you..."

Wasn't this the role he insisted on taking? He even said he would crush Ye Bai for coming over! Why's he acting like he has amnesia now?

The assistant didn't get a chance to finish speaking when Gong Xu anxiously interrupted: "Shut up! How dare you deny it? You're so gutsy that you dared to make decisions behind my back without authorization, huh? Call Zhou Wen Bin over right now!"

The assistant didn't have a choice. In a situation like this, he really couldn't handle it. So, he dashed out quickly to look for Zhou Wen Bin.

Everyone else in the makeup room couldn't follow these developments either and they all stood there in a daze...

After the little assistant left to find Zhou Wen Bin, Gong Xu kept blinking his peach blossom eyes which glistened like water. He looked at Ye Wanwan miserably. "Ye-ge, it was truly a misunderstanding - why would I possibly steal the role of an artist under you..."

Ye Wanwan took a sip of her tea. She smiled plainly and did not expose him.


In the office on the second level:

Zhou Wen Bin was in a pleasant mood, wiping his precious antiques in the office while taking a call.

"Huh, Ye Bai got the role of Lin Luo Chen? Who told you that?"

"He's just a newbie; you think too highly of him! This role is in my hands now!"

"Why, you don't believe me? So what if the casting was broadcasted publicly? You think that having a public casting means the role belongs to him?"

Zhou Wen Bin was chatting on the phone with his friend when Gong Xu's assistant suddenly pushed the door open and entered hastily. "Zhou... director Zhou!"

Despite seeing how flustered the little assistant was, Zhou Wen Bin was unconcerned since he was in a good mood. He glanced at the assistant and said, "Why're you so flustered?"

The little assistant wasn't completely sure about the situation, so he didn't dare speak irresponsibly; he could only put on a bitter expression and say: "Xu-ge wants you to go over for a while..."

"Why? The great young master is throwing his tantrums again?"

Zhou Wen Bin was already used to this and didn't pay much attention to it. He stood up and said, "Let's go, I'll take a look!"

Shortly after, Zhou Wen Bin followed the assistant and reached Gong Xu's makeup room.

"Gong Xu, what's the matter? Who made you angry this time?"

Zhou Wen Bin spoke kindly while walking in, but the moment he lifted his gaze, he actually noticed that aside from Gong Xu, Ye Bai was in the room as well. He was shocked for a moment then revealed a mocking expression.

Heh, this Ye Bai guy really knows how to create his own path to destruction - he actually dared to run here to directly interrogate Gong Xu?

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