Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 468: I'll see who dares to touch him

Chapter 468: I'll see who dares to touch him

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When Gong Xu was tempted to continue looking at the photo, Ye Wanwan quickly retracted the phone and said, "Look at me."

Gong Xu looked at Ye Wanwan instinctively. This one glance made him continue to stare in a daze...


"Do I look like her?" Ye Wanwan lowered her voice and asked by his ear.

Gong Xu stared at the man's face and nodded repeatedly.

At first sight, he didn't notice it because their temperaments were too different, but taking a closer look, why did he find that this man looked so similar to his Little Candied Plum?

"The person in the photo is my little sister," Ye Wanwan said.

The moment the man said that, Gong Xu's eyes widened in complete disbelief.

Wh... what!

The Little Candied Plum I've been looking for and went almost crazy for the past two days is actually this guy's younger sister?

For a split second, Gong Xu stared at Ye Wanwan as if he was looking at the God of Sun, Apollo, glistening and shining, wishing he could worship her!

Within the few seconds of conversation Ye Wanwan and Gong Xu had, Gong Xu was the only one who saw the photograph.

Now came a herd of hurried footsteps - the staff rushed over with a couple security guards.

The tall and bulky bodyguards asked aggressively, "Who's causing trouble here?"

The little assistant by the side pointed at Ye Wanwan and said, "It's this guy here, he's causing trouble and tried to hurt someone. Chase him away right now!"

They couldn't take it if a single strand of hair was damaged on Gong Xu's scalp.

When those bodyguards heard that, they immediately charged towards Ye Wanwan.

However, before anyone could get near her, Gong Xu's expression turned icy instantly. He slammed the table and shouted, "Get lost! I'll deal with whoever dares to touch him!"

Seeing Gong Xu's reaction, the two little assistants and staff were taken aback.

The bodyguards looked at each other, confused and not daring to move.

The little assistant quickly got closer to Gong Xu and asked cautiously, "Uh, Xu-ge, what... what is it? This insolent guy here offended you just now, right?"

Gong Xu immediately roared at him, "Offended your grandfather! Who said you could shout at my Ye-ge!"

The little assistant's face was covered in his spit and she was completely stunned, "Huh?"

Gong Xu ignored his assistant. He stood up and pulled out the chair he was just sitting on. He looked at Ye Wanwan and lavished her with praise. "Ye-ge, Ye-ge, take a seat!"

Seeing how Gong Xu made a complete 180, everyone in the room looked at each other, confused and dumbstruck. They had no idea what was going on.

The other little assistant said in a daze, "Xu-ge... you... this is...?"

Gong Xu turned his head and started scolding them, "Is your head! Hurry, go get tea for Ye-ge! Can you be on your toes? And you! Go get a coconut for Ye-ge right now!"

Both the assistants: "...huh?"

What on earth happened?

Why did our great young master, second generation ancestor, suddenly become so polite and respectful towards Ye Bai?

Although they didn't fully understand the situation, they didn't dare go against Gong Xu's orders, so one of them quickly went to get tea while the other rushed to prepare a coconut.

Gong Xu personally took the big coconut, placed a straw in it and held it close to Ye Wanwan. "Ye-ge, have a drink, have a drink!"

Ye Wanwan forced a smile and looked suspiciously at the man with that beautiful, dazzling and handsome face then she supported her forehead with one hand and said faintly, "I heard that... young master Gong intends to act in 'Terrifying Dragon 2'?"

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