Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 465: Replaced

Chapter 465: Replaced

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For the fans of the original work in addition to neutral observers, the mention of Lin Zong's name signified power and prestige.

When Song Jin Lin said that, everyone viewed Luo Chen in a different light.

[Amazing! He's truly the original! That's why he has a more thorough understanding of the character! He even managed to hit teacher Lin Zong's intention on the mark!]

[Thanks to the production team for the live broadcast of the casting, allowing us to witness the return of the Lin Luo Chen in our hearts!]

[Lin Luo Chen must be none other than Luo Chen!]


Seeing the crazy number of comments on the bullet screen, Wu Zheng Fei's face turned green.

Initially, he wanted to boost Xu Ming's reputation and had even gotten someone to draft all kinds of news releases already; who'd have known that Xu Ming would actually be used as a cat's paw instead, allowing that guy to walk all over him?

They even chose to broadcast the entire casting live. Now it was impossible for him to change the public's opinion or secretly bribe director Wang to change the outcome!

He totally underestimated his opponent this time!

After Song Jin Lin said that, he instantly stood up and personally walked over to Luo Chen. "Welcome onboard 'Terrifying Dragon 2,' I'm very glad to be able to work with you once again!"

Hearing Song Jin Lin's words, Luo Chen's heart trembled slightly. He slowly extended his arm and said, "Thank you director Song for giving me this opportunity!"

Witnessing this historical moment when the original cast members were successfully chosen for both the male lead and supporting actor, everyone cheered excitedly on the bullet screen.

Xu Ming had always thought highly of himself; he hadn't expected he would lose to a has-been before everyone's eyes. He immediately turned around and left.

There was no point in staying. Wu Zheng Fei's face darkened and he quickly followed after him.

However, when he brushed past Luo Chen, Luo Chen suddenly said icily, "Mr. Wu, did you forget something?"

Ye Wanwan raised her brows slightly - she didn't think the little sheep would attack.

Wu Zheng Fei gritted his teeth and apologized, smiling hypocritically: "I'm really sorry, manager Ye's tricks were indeed amazing. I was wrong about Luo Chen. But, heh, one's reputation lasts forever and there's still a long way to go. You can't just rely on your little tricks to get by in the entertainment industry!"

Once he was done, he harrumphed and walked away.

After Ye Wanwan and the director discussed some details of the collaboration, she left the building with Luo Chen.

The casting they had prepared so long for had finally come to an end and Ye Wanwan could finally loosen up a little.

Dazzling Media:

After they returned to the office, Ye Wanwan quickly prepared the arrangements required for Luo Chen's signing of the contract.

Luo Chen's team started preparing as well.

When Ye Wanwan put up a recruitment notice, she left to go to country B at the last minute, so she only managed to recruit a single assistant.

"'Terrifying Dragon 2' is your first show since your comeback. I think I don't have to stress the importance of this show to you. Now, I need you to do just one thing - focus on going over the script. As for the other matters, I will..."

Ye Wanwan was sitting in front of her desk and was speaking to Luo Chen when urgent knocks rang on the door.

"Please come in."

Assistant Xiao Qing looked frantic as she pushed the door open and entered. She looked at Luo Chen and Ye Wanwan anxiously and said, "Ye-ge, we're in trouble! The production crew just called us to tell us that..."

"What is it?" Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows.

"They said they replaced the supporting actor with someone else and they won't need Luo Chen anymore!"

"What?" When Ye Wanwan heard that, she was stunned. `Luo Chen's face gradually turned pale.

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