Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 464: Successfully secured

Chapter 464: Successfully secured

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But he needed to be sure.

Whether it was just sheer luck or whether Luo Chen really had this kind of skill.

With this thought, Song Jin Lin said firmly, "Act 13, scene 7; act according to your own perceptions!"

After Song Jin Lin said that, the audience, which was initially excited, became silent once again as they looked at the two people nervously.

On the bullet screen, Xu Ming's fans were unhappy and started retorting...

[It's not over yet! Why are all of you so worried? It could've been sheer luck just now!]

[Exactly. Luo Chen was obviously trying to play little tricks. Xu Ming had to act by himself, so obviously, his results would be slightly worse, but Luo Chen used Xu Ming to help him out! So scheming!]


Luo Chen didn't notice the reaction of the surrounding people. It was only when he heard Song Jin Lin say "act 13, scene 7" that he felt somewhat stunned.

Ye-ge personally taught me this act and even emphasized it. I didn't expect director Song would really pick this one.

While Luo Chen was still stunned, Xu Ming had already gotten into character and begun acting.

Xu Ming showed he had really undergone professional training - he was able to get into character very quickly once again and he entered the next portion of the storyline.

*Swish* Xu Ming performed the motion of drawing out his sword then he instantly attacked the space opposite. The vicious and murderous intention in his eyes seemed tangible like it could be transmitted through the screen to the audience...

[So... so amazing! Now, this is more like Xu Ming's true skill! Just his gaze alone was enough to send shivers down my spine!]

[He acted out the blood-thirsty great devil so brilliantly!]

As everyone was exclaiming and praising Xu Ming for his fascinating performance that was even better than his previous act, Luo Chen was making mental comparisons in his head.

Xu Ming's acting the scene exactly the same as I did before I was corrected by Ye-ge.

If Ye-ge didn't go through this scene with me, my performance would definitely be similar to Xu Ming's.

Right now...

Xu Ming's audition won much applause, and his manager, Wu Zheng Fei, was relieved as well. The assistant director and producer were both nodding their heads.

However, Song Jin Lin, sitting in the middle, didn't have a change in expression at all. Instead, he looked straight at Luo Chen. "Luo Chen, you may begin!"

Xu Ming naturally noticed the special attention Song Jin Lin was giving Luo Chen. He took a deep breath to suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart and he glanced coldly at Luo Chen.

His teacher had guided him through this scene before and he was very certain that his interpretation of this scene was the best.

If Luo Chen's act was similar to his, Luo Chen would definitely appear weaker...

Luo Chen nodded and began.

He strictly followed what Ye Wanwan taught him and finished acting the scene.

Luo Chen's interpretation of the role was far removed from Xu Ming's aggressive and emotional act; when he pulled out his sword, his gaze was cold, detached, purposeless and empty...

There was no expression on his face, yet everyone felt a chill in their hearts...

After watching Luo Chen's performance, Song Jin Lin's face finally lost its calmness. He asked with slight excitement in his voice: "Why did you use this method to act out this scene? Walk me through your reasoning!"

Luo Chen glanced in the direction of Ye Wanwan then considered his words carefully before responding with certainty: "I think Lin Luo Chen had gone through so much injustice and torture at that point and while his temperament did change drastically, the biggest difference between him and the old Lin Luo Chen wasn't the change in temperament but the veneration he had for life."

"If he revered life and considered people as humans, he would have a murderous intent, but if he viewed life like grass and dirt, then when he kills, there would only be indifference!"

The moment Luo Chen said his piece, Song Jin Lin immediately slammed the table. "Well said!"

Song Jin Lin's eyes reddened slightly. "Before teacher Lin Zong passed away, he once pulled me in to talk about this scene - at that time, he said the greatest change in Lin Luo Chen was exactly as you said just now! Luo Chen, you're pretty good! I can tell you studied this character diligently!"

When Song Jin Lin said that, Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief.

She knew Luo Chen had successfully secured this role.

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