Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 463: The master shows how it's done

Chapter 463: The master shows how it's done

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After Luo Chen said that line, he finally stood up slowly.

Step by step, he walked over to Xu Ming. He stood next to his old pal, shoulder to shoulder with him and when he lifted his gaze, it was like he was looking at a faraway galaxy——

"Let me tell you - history has always been written by the victors!"

"From this day forward... this place... is good if I say it's good and evil if I say it's evil!"

When Luo Chen said that line, it was unlike Xu Ming's crazy and violent interpretation; instead, his tone was as wispy as the clouds. It was like he was saying something very ordinary. His tone was like a clear lake that was deathly still.

After he finished that line, he walked away slowly, brushing past Xu Ming.

This signified that a pair of brothers, who once shared the same principles and wielded swords together, had now parted ways and were taking different paths in life...

After a long time, there was still silence at the scene.

Even the comments on the bullet screen on the live broadcast stopped.

"That concludes my audition."

When Luo Chen turned around, faced the production crew and took a bow, everyone came back to their senses.

Song Jin Lin, who had been blank-faced throughout the evening, looked excited. He stared at Luo Chen in disbelief.

Even Xu Ming himself was shocked. His face looked pale.

He was involved with Luo Chen's act the whole time, so he felt a more direct impact than anyone else.

He was almost sucked into the act by Luo Chen and believed he really was Yun Hai...

The bullet screen which stopped just now was flooded once again——

[Da... damn! Awesome! He was totally possessed by Lin Luo Chen!]

[What do you mean possessed by Lin Luo Chen? This is Lin Luo Chen himself! I thought Xu Ming's performance was perfect but now, after watching Luo Chen's, this was truly a case of the master showing everybody how it's done!]

[Xu Ming's act was almost perfect and I know he's very good at acting, but Luo Chen, whether or not he's good at acting, probably didn't use his skills - he was completely immersed in the storyline because he WAS that person in the story - he's Lin Luo Chen!]

[This is the difference between the master himself and the other actors! Xu Ming was Lin Luo Chen before but in just a second, he was brought into the act by Luo Chen and became Yun Hai!]

[Actually, while all of you were paying attention to Xu Ming, I was watching Luo Chen and realized that he's not slow at getting into character because he was already in character all along; he didn't need to get into character at all!]

[This is too exciting! The original is truly the original. This role isn't something that can easily be played by just anyone else!]


Song Jin Lin was deep in thought.

The scene he chose today wasn't a random choice, but it had a deeper meaning to it.

This scene looked easy, but it was actually the most important emotional plot shift in the sequel - it depicted an important break between Lin Luo Chen and the male lead.

One must know that in the second series, the relationship between the supporting actor and male lead was very crucial - they were friends yet enemies; they had differing principles yet were so alike.

These contradicting states were very difficult to act out.

For instance, although Xu Ming's performance just now wasn't bad, it was too flimsy - he simply acted out the storyline and ignored the relationship with the male lead and the link to the entire plot.

In contrast, Luo Chen's acting was so intense - with just a few lines and a simple storyline, he was able to convey the entire story and at the same time, he displayed the conflict and struggles within the character.

He must've put in hard work to understand this character thoroughly. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to reach this level of skill.

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