Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 466: Spit it back out the way you snatched it away

Chapter 466: Spit it back out the way you snatched it away

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Since it was a public casting this time, it would be no use even if Wu Zheng Fei found a sponsor - the production crew wouldn't take such a big risk of offending the public by replacing the supporting actor after he was already chosen.

"You mentioned they found someone else. Who was it?" Ye Wanwan suppressed the suspicion in her heart and spoke calmly.

The little assistant was hesitant and didn't dare to speak. Instead, she passed a piece of paper over weakly. "This... this is the fax the production crew sent over. Ye-ge, please take a look at this. They'll be making the list of main actors public this afternoon!"

Ye Wanwan took the fax and scanned through it. In the next second, she noticed the two shocking words after the position of the supporting actor——Gong Xu!

"Gong Xu?" After seeing that name, Ye Wanwan knitted her brows.

That's why Ye Wanwan said... who had the ability to make the production crew swap the actors even after the casting was broadcasted live?

Although Gong Xu, a rich second generation kid, had a terrible reputation in the industry, he came from an extremely wealthy background and his paternal aunt was one of the founders of country M's entertainment giants, SA Entertainment. So he wasn't just a regular rich second generation kid - otherwise, he wouldn't still be so popular considering his level of ability.

I took so long to plan and spent so much energy on this, but in the end, we've encountered such a drastic change!

Ye Wanwan closed her eyes and something seemed to flash in her eyes as she pinched her brows. She was about to speak when footsteps came up to the door.

Zhou Wen Bin was dressed in a luxurious grey custom suit and was standing at the door casually. He shook his head and said regretfully, "Ay, young man, you're still too inexperienced. As someone who's been around for a while and since we're colleagues, I really had to give manager Ye a reminder. For such a big production like 'Terrifying Dragon,' you can't get the role simply by having some acting skills..."

Ye Wanwan looked coldly at Zhou Wen Bin as he flaunted his power, not saying a word.

Zhou Wen Bin relished Ye Wanwan's look of failure for a while then he turned to Luo Chen and said, "Little Chen, Bin-ge taught you before that as an actor in the entertainment industry, only having skills is useless!"

Zhou Wen Bin spoke while slowly strolling towards Luo Chen. He reached out to grasp his shoulder. "Little Chen, if you regret this now..."

Before Zhou Wen Bin's fingers touched Luo Chen, a fair wrist firmly intercepted him.

Zhou Wen Bin chuckled as if he didn't mind it at all. He retracted his arm as his perverted eyes scanned the youth's body and he said faintly, "If you regret this now, there's still time..."

"It's just that, I, Zhou Wen Bin, have never wanted secondhand goods - someone who's followed others - before, so if you want to come back, you better show me your sincerity, hahaha..."

He sneered as he strolled away leisurely.

After Zhou Wen Bin left, there was an overwhelming dead silence.

After a long time, Luo Chen tried his best to force a smile and said, "Ye-ge... I'm fine... you've already helped me a lot... it's me... I'm useless..."

If Ye-ge chose someone else before, he wouldn't have to put in so much effort and he wouldn't be picked on by Zhou Wen Bin...

Ye-ge, why don't you... choose someone else instead...

Luo Chen was about to open his mouth but the corners of Ye Wanwan's lips suddenly curved into a wide smile. She pressed his shoulder, forcing him to take a seat on the sofa. She then said carefully, "Sit still!"

"Ye-ge?" Luo Chen looked at Ye Wanwan blankly.

Ye Wanwan stood upright and smiled, "Tsk, since they're not playing by the rules, don't blame me for taking extreme measures!"

Zhou Wen Bin. Whatever methods he used to snatch that role, I'll make him spit it back out the same way!

Ye Wanwan looked at the little assistant and asked, "Where's Gong Xu right now?"

The little assistant replied honestly, "He's in the office. I saw him in the makeup room upstairs..."

Ye Wanwan straightened her lapels and strode out of the office.

"Ye-ge!" Luo Chen muttered as he watched Ye Wanwan's retreating figure. His eyes were filled with concern, unsure what Ye Wanwan was planning to do.

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