Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 460: Wasn't that rapport between us?

Chapter 460: Wasn't that rapport between us?

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Ye Wanwan watched coldly by the side as the crew got everything they wished for and prepared for the live broadcast with high efficiency.

They already concluded that Luo Chen's skills weren't as good as other actors, and they were eagerly waiting to see Lin Luo Chen used as a stepping stone to advance Xu Ming's career, thus maximizing the benefits.

Meanwhile, Ye Wanwan was taking advantage of this exact mentality of the crew in addition to Xu Ming's ego to smoothly execute this live broadcast.

Luo Chen turned to Ye Wanwan, feeling a little guilty for deciding to agree to Xu Ming's bet. "Ye-ge... I... was I too impulsive just now?"

Ye Wanwan laughed. "Impulsive? I thought we were on the same page?"

The live public broadcast was initiated by her first after all.

By obtaining affirmation from Ye Wanwan, it was like Luo Chen's teetering little boat gained a sail. There was now a determination in his eyes.

At this point in time, the selection of roles for "Terrifying Dragon 2" was a hot topic and the casting drew even more attention. Once news of the crew changing the casting to a live public broadcast went out, almost every netizen was filled with excitement.

Ever since live broadcasts were popularized, this was the first time a production actually had a live broadcast of a casting, so this broadcast attracted many viewers due to its novelty.

Shortly after, the live broadcast began.

All the candidates drew lots for their casting sequence then each individual auditioned in sequence.

To facilitate the live broadcast, the casting venue was changed to a big hall that could accommodate up to 100 people. While the artists auditioned, other artists waiting for their turn could also watch from the side so that there would be total transparency.

The crew arranged for the stage manager to be the host for this live broadcast and he explained the reason for having a live broadcast this time, embellishing the story.

The main idea was that Luo Chen's staff started the provocation and Xu Ming took up the challenge to prove his abilities, so they opted for a live public broadcast.

In order to build up the hype, the stage manager even mentioned the wager between Xu Ming and Luo Chen.

The bullet screen [1] started to flood with comments and was very quickly taken over by Xu Ming's fans.

[Damn! What the h***. Aside from Xu Ming, is no one else allowed to play the role of Lin Luo Chen? However perfect things may seem, better actors can always show up. Isn't this a little too arrogant, huh?]

[I admit that the original Lin Luo Chen was indeed a classic, but Luo Chen hasn't acted for three years. Who knows whether he can perform as well as before?]

[In contrast, everyone can see our Xu Ming's acting and how diligent he's been ever since his debut. He even cleared his schedule to go abroad for a few months to improve himself! This is the attitude needed for the role. Someone who idles his time away, not producing any work for so many years and only dishes up the same old stuff to gain popularity won't cut it!]

[Exactly, exactly. Our Xu Ming has "1987," "Three People's Travel" and "Everything is Wonderful"... over ten classic works while Luo Chen only has one - "Terrifying Dragon." Is he only going to count on "Terrifying Dragon" his whole life? He even wants to freeload on the popularity of the casting!]

[Ming Ming, all the best! Make him lose till his own mother doesn't recognize him!]


Aside from Xu Ming's fans, the original fans and some onlookers expressed their concerns.

[Actually, compared to other candidates, I'm most scared that the role of Lin Luo Chen would be ruined in the hands of the original actor. The memory of my favorite classic film would be ruined!]

[That's right - if Luo Chen can't handle this role, why not let our memories stop at the beautiful moments!]


In order to increase the level of excitement and hype, the production team positioned Xu Ming and Luo Chen's castings at the end on purpose.

The harsh fans of the original work criticized almost every candidate like they were worthless. Song Jin Lin was also unsatisfied with the performances of many candidates and his brows were furrowed from beginning till end...

[1]: Bullet screen is a feature on online video sites which allows real-time comments from viewers to fly across the screen like bullets.

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