Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 461: Be at a disadvantage

Chapter 461: Be at a disadvantage

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Right now, there were only two candidates who had yet to audition.

One of them was a popular newbie, Xu Ming - the hottest choice for the supporting role who possessed both skill and good looks while the other was Luo Chen, very popular among the fans of the original work who originally played Lin Luo Chen.

Wu Zheng Fei thought back to his sources once again and was sure that aside from his routine training, Luo Chen hadn't taken up any special training and hadn't hired any famous instructors to guide him.

When Luo Chen first acted as Lin Luo Chen, he was very fresh, young and natural. Now, Luo Chen's acting skills were still quite green and even if he was able to meet a certain standard, he couldn't compare with the Xu Ming today.

After all, the role of Lin Luo Chen in the second season was much more challenging than in the first season.

What kind of artist could this impulsive and brainless manager produce? He only knows how to use low methods like abusing others' fame to gain popularity.

Tsk, he wants to abuse Xu Ming's fame?

Then we'll let him abuse it all he wants!

After all, in the entertainment industry, getting flamed is also a way of gaining fame, right?

We just hope that they can handle it!

The producer glanced at Xu Ming and Luo Chen and his eyes lit up. "Now, we're left with Xu Ming and Luo Chen. These two people are also the candidates everyone is most interested in for the role of Lin Luo Chen. In order to clearly distinguish between the strengths of these two candidates, why don't we do this?"

The producer thought about it and suggested, "Xu Ming and Luo Chen can have their auditions at the same time. The two directors and I will pick a topic. After that, it's up to the two of them to decide how they would like to act it out! What do you all think?"

The producer spoke so naturally that the assistant director was tempted to go along with it. "This idea's not bad! But, who's going first and who will go second? The one who goes first seems to be at a disadvantage, right?"

"I'll go first then. Senior Luo Chen hasn't acted in so many years that I don't want to have an unfair advantage." Xu Ming glanced at Luo Chen at the side and volunteered himself.

The producer nodded, satisfied with Xu Ming's offer. "Since this is the case, Xu Ming, you'll start!"

The assistant director already agreed to it, so while Song Jin Lin furrowed his brows slightly, he didn't object to it either.

Ye Wanwan crossed her arms and the corners of her lips lifted into a sneer.

As they would be throwing out the topics on the spot, there would definitely be less time for the one who went first to think of a strategy and on the surface, it looked like Xu Ming would be at a disadvantage.

However, the fact was that the first person could do whatever he liked but for the second person, if Luo Chen coincidentally did the same act as Xu Ming, he would definitely be criticized for copying Xu Ming even if his idea was original.

Also, first impressions were the strongest. Luo Chen, going second, would be in a passive position.

The first scene Song Jin Lin drew from the lot was the one when Lin Luo Chen met the male lead many years after he fell for the devil's teachings. Lin Luo Chen had to reply to interrogations from the male lead.

Xu Ming stood in the middle of the big hall and shut his eyes.

In just five short seconds, he got into character.

He placed one hand behind himself and stood upright like he was inviting strong winds.

"Tsk, the right path? Evil path? What's right and what's evil? Yun Hai, you're still so naive!"

Xu Ming looked at the empty space as if the male lead, Yun Hai, was standing there. He revealed a mocking gaze of contempt towards the invisible lead.

Following that, Xu Ming's acting immediately became 30% crazy and 70% violent. "Let me tell you - history has always been written by the victors! From this day forward... this place... is good if I say it's good and evil if I say it's evil!"

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