Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 459: If I win

Chapter 459: If I win

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Song Jin Lin stopped in his tracks and took a glance in the direction of the young manager who had just spoken so wildly.

Xu Ming was young and impulsive- how could he tolerate Ye Wanwan talking to him like this? Furthermore, he had always been known as the best actor among the young idols and was relatively confident about his acting.

Thus, Xu Ming immediately walked up to Song Jin Lin and said, "Director Song! I request a public casting! In case someone gets jealous in the future and spreads rumors that I got this role through the backdoor!"

"Public casting?" Song Jin Lin was slightly doubtful when he heard that.


"Ah-Ming, don't be rash! There's no need to bother with a buffoon who only knows how to exploit others!" Wu Zheng Fei quickly pulled Xu Ming away.

But Xu Ming didn't care. He looked at Luo Chen directly and said, "Luo Chen, dare to make a bet with me?"

Luo Chen clenched his fists slightly. "Bet on what?"

Xu Ming said proudly, "If I win, record a video of yourself telling all the netizens and fans of the original work that you, Luo Chen, aren't good enough for the role of Lin Luo Chen!"

Wu Zheng Fei wanted to stop Xu Ming at first, but after hearing what Xu Ming said, he hesitated.

For sequels like this, the most troubling issue was that the fans of the original work would compare the original to the sequel. If they were able to tarnish Luo Chen's image in his fans' hearts in the process of today's casting, that would be very beneficial for Xu Ming.

He already had some inside information about Luo Chen - he hadn't taken on any projects in the past three years, according to the internal staff at Dazzling Media. Also, the video which made him famous took an entire day to film as he had NG countless times before they could capture that scene.

As for Xu Ming, he spent a lot of money and hired a teacher to give him six months of special training; his acting couldn't easily be compared to the skills of an ordinary newbie. Wu Zheng Fei intentionally chose this sequel for Xu Ming as his transformation piece as he works towards becoming a capable artist...

Faced with Xu Ming's taunting, Luo Chen was silent for a long time before he said, "What if I get the role?"

Xu Ming acted like this possibility never crossed his mind and he replied mockingly, "If you win, you can do anything you like."

This time, Luo Chen didn't look like he was going to cower in fear. He gestured to Xu Ming's manager and said, mouthing each word clearly, "If I win, please get your manager, Mr. Wu, to apologize to my manager for everything he said just now!"

Ye Wanwan purposely remained silent, wanting to see how Luo Chen would handle this situation, but she didn't expect that he would come up with a request like this...

Wu Zheng Fei's face turned stormy when he heard what Luo Chen said.

I've been in the industry for seven to eight years now, but he actually wants me to apologize to a newbie?

Xu Ming shrugged and said, "Sure!"

At this moment, Song Jin Lin was already deep in conversation with the producer and assistant director.

As far as the crew was concerned, having a public casting would hype the series up, so naturally they weren't against it.

If they could push Xu Ming's popularity higher and gain support from fans through the public casting, that would be ideal.

Thus, the crew didn't even ask for Luo Chen's opinion and immediately agreed to Xu Ming's request.

Shortly after, the crew posted on Weibo informing everyone that in half an hour, there would be a live telecast for the casting of the role of Lin Luo Chen.

Although it was a last minute decision, this Weibo post still attracted the attention of many fans and netizens.

The live telecast started and a large audience came flooding in.

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