Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 450: Bros, let's beat him to death

Chapter 450: Bros, let's beat him to death

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"With Lord Gong's temper, I... I really don't have the guts!" the assistant mumbled timidly.

"Useless!" Zhou Wen Bin was so angry that he paced around the house.

The assistant lowered his head and complained in his heart. All you do is scold me. Why don't you try scolding Gong Xu, huh?

In his bedroom, Gong Xu was lying on the couch, chatting idly with some close pals on WeChat.

[Gong Xu: Bros, remember to repost it for me! I must find that chick!]

[Zhao Ming Zhe: Already done, Xu-ge!]

[An Yu Feng: Exactly what kind of beauty was she that she could hook Lord Gong's soul away with just a box of candied plums!]

[Gong Xu: As beautiful as a fairy!]

[An Yu Feng: Bull****, could she be prettier than Cheng Man Ni, huh?]

[Gong Xu: They're on totally different levels; my bare-faced Little Candied Plum was enough to make my soul fly [1]!]

[Mo Fei: Make your soul fly... what did your language teacher teach you, huh!]

[Gong Xu: Anyway, you know what I mean. My Little Candied Plum isn't only beautiful, but her smile is even sweeter than a candied plum! I think I'm really moved this time! The second she smiled at me, my heart pounded faster than the first time I had sex!]

Everyone in the WeChat group was speechless...

[Tang Xing Huo: What a load of cr**, Gong Xu! I thought after being scolded so badly that you would stop. In the end, you started a great battle the moment you're back! Only you have the guts to fool around like that in the entertainment industry!]

[Gong Xu: Ay, I'm anxious too, okay? If I can't continue in showbiz, I'll head home and inherit the ten billion family inheritance!]

[Tang Xing Huo: ...]

[Mo Fei: ...]

[An Yu Feng: ...bros, let's beat him to death!]

The group of stars gossiped in the group chat and Han Xian Yu, who rarely commented, emerged and said something——

[Han Xian Yu: Candy Dessert Shop? That's just below the apartment I live in! So you're the one who did this!]

[Gong Xu: Ay, Yu-ge, Yu-ge, Yu-ge, that shop is right under your apartment? Then have you met that chick before?]

Gong Xu sent over his hand-drawn portrait. He even sent a voice message to Han Xian Yu saying: [Very pretty and angelic! If you ever see her around, you will definitely have a similar impression!]

The corners of Han Xian Yu's lips twitched as he looked at the portrait drawn by a kindergarten child then he sent a voice message over: [Sorry, I've never seen her before.]


*knock knock knock* Someone knocked on Gong Xu's door, interrupting his exciting conversation.

*cough* "Gong Xu, are you busy?" Zhou Wen Bin asked politely, a sharp contrast to his attitude towards the assistant.

"What? Need something?" Gong Xu was obviously in a bad mood since he couldn't find his Little Candied Plum.

"Ay, Gong Xu, if you want to eat some desserts, you could get your assistant to buy them for you. Why did you take the risk yourself - what if someone with bad intentions finds out your identity and uses some tricks to try to get close to you...?" Zhou Wen Bin guided him systematically and patiently.

Gong Xu rolled his eyes. "If Little Candied Plum really wanted to get close to me on purpose, I would smile even in my dreams!"

Zhou Wen Bin choked and was speechless for a moment before he said:

"Hehehe, it hasn't even been an hour and the post is already trending and in the headlines. It means you're still very popular! But if you have too many scandals, it's not good for your reputation. Besides, you just broke up with Cheng Man Ni; just her fans alone were difficult to handle..."

Zhou Wen Bin sang praises and flattered him before reaching his main point: "So, you see, shouldn't you take down this Weibo post?"

[1]: A saying which means "frightened out of one's wits".

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