Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 449: She has stolen my heart

Chapter 449: She has stolen my heart

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The assistant was speechless and muttered, "When was it ever real...? You caused an uproar in the tabloids the previous time and hid overseas for such a long time. Now that things have just settled down, don't you cause any more trouble!"

Gong Xu waved him off in annoyance. "I know, I know! So annoying! Oh, right, is there any surveillance on this side of the road?"

"Doubt it! What do you want to do?" The assistant had his guard up.

Gong Xu's cherry blossom eyes twinkled. "There was a little fairy who gave me this box of candied plums just now - go find out who she is!"

The assistant nearly broke down in an instant. "What! My little ancestor! Were you even listening to me at all? Brother Bin said you're not allowed to get close to any living females for now! You can't have any scandals! Please, I'm begging you, just stop for a few days, alright?"

Gong Xu blew a strand of pink hair on his face and curled his lips. "Don't find out then. Why're you so scared?"

When the assistant heard that he heaved a sigh of relief but felt like something was wrong - since when was this guy so obedient?


Half an hour later.

A Weibo post quickly gained popularity.

Gong Xu, who disappeared for a long time after his scandal with a female star caused an uproar awhile ago, had finally reappeared.

The moment he returned, he posted a very explosive Weibo post looking for someone.

Gong Xu: [This evening at 8.16pm, at the entrance of Candy Dessert Shop, I fell into the river of love. Please help me find the little fairy who bought the last three boxes of candied plums. She gifted me a box of candied plums but has stolen my heart away.]

The attached image was a hand-drawn portrait by Gong Xu; that abstract picture was truly... indescribable...

In just ten short minutes, the comment section under Gong Xu's Weibo post nearly exploded.

[Damn, what did I just read?! Prince charming actually fell in love with a passerby at first sight and even made a public confession? Why have I been abandoned again?]

[He fell into the river of love again? How many times has it been? It hasn't even been two months since his scandal with Cheng Man Ni, right?]

[Everyone knows Gong Xu only looks at appearances - all his ex-girlfriends were extreme beauties and this time, he actually fell in love with a passer-by - how pretty could that chick be?]

[Gifted him a box of candied plums? Could she be a fan? Which fan would be this lucky, huh?!]

[That doesn't make sense - if she was a fan, she should've gifted him all three boxes! I guess she's really a passer-by. Also, Gong Xu wouldn't leave the house without covering his face, right?]

[Am I the only one who's focusing on the fact that hubby actually sneaked out at night to buy desserts?]


Other than the teasing from his fans, his haters also flooded the comment section with insults such as "playboy," "jerk" and "womanizer." Also, the fans of those girlfriends who previously appeared in scandals with Gong Xu cursed him too. The entire comment section was exceptionally lively. In addition, some close pals of Gong Xu who didn't find the incident big enough started to fan the flames by reposting. Very soon, his Weibo post reached the top of the popularity board.

In a moment, the popular searches list was filled with searches like "Gong Xu encounters beauty at dessert shop," "Gong Xu's public confession" and "Gong Xu's love at first sight."

At a certain villa in Imperial City.

Zhou Wen Bin stared at that Weibo post gaining more and more popularity by the second and he poured out a torrent of abuse at his assistant: "Moron! I told you over and over to keep an eye on him! Is this the way you work? He just came back and caused such a big problem!"

"I... I did try to stop him! But it was no use! I didn't think he would secretly post this on Weibo after he promised to behave!" the assistant cried.

"Didn't I ask you to take over his Weibo to keep his hands off of it?"

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