Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 451: Illnesses go away slowly

Chapter 451: Illnesses go away slowly

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Gong Xu's eyes turned cold instantly. "Since when were you allowed to tell me what to do?"

Zhou Wen Bin was taken aback but didn't dare to offend this great young master. He also still needed his help with something, so he had no choice but to let this issue go.

"Oh right, Gong Xu, have you heard anything about that new manager in the company lately?" Zhou Wen Bin pretended to ask casually.

Gong Xu narrowed his eyes. "The manager who compared me to a has-been?"

Zhou Wen Bin's eyes glistened when he saw that Gong Xu didn't look too pleased. "That's right, that guy. He has the backing of chairman Chu and is very arrogant! When I wanted to exchange Lin Hao for Luo Chen, he came up with some nonsense, saying he would only agree if I gave you to him! These days, that Luo Chen is the most popular candidate for the supporting role in "Terrifying Dragon 2." It's his time to shine!"

"Tsk, is this little issue even worth worrying about?" Gong Xu crossed his legs and rested them on top of the coffee table. His face filled with disdain as he said, "Don't worry about it, I can wipe out that guy with just a finger."

Seeing that Gong Xu was successfully angered, the corners of Zhou Wen Bin's lips lifted upwards.

Since Gong Xu's feathers are ruffled, Ye Bai will definitely have a hard time now!

Hng, he's just a newly appointed little manager - how dare he fight with me!


Jin garden:

"I'm back! Housekeeper Xu, how's the master today? Is he any better?"

Ye Wanwan was still ignorant about everything that happened online. Carrying a plastic bag, she walked in. The first thing she did was check on Si Ye Han's condition.

When Xu Yi saw that Ye Wanwan had returned, he felt like he was looking at his own backbone and felt an indescribable calmness. He quickly replied, "Master's condition today... is alright. In the morning, after he got up from the chair, he felt a little dizzy for a while. At noon, he vomited after taking his medicine then he ate again later on. In the afternoon, the medicine that he took with you watching him went down fine, he didn't vomit anymore..."

Xu Yi's face was somewhat somber as he continued: "Also, the old madam got a western doctor to take a look at 9th master's illness..."

"What was the outcome?" Although Ye Wanwan knew the outcome full well, she still probed anxiously.

Xu Yi sighed lightly and shook his head. "He reached the same conclusion as Dr. Sun - he also said... master will have at most... six months to live..."

Ye Wanwan's face darkened slightly then she took a deep breath and said, "Don't be nervous. As the saying goes, illnesses come quickly and go away slowly. It's only been a couple of days - take it slow! Dr. Sun also mentioned that recuperation is a long-term process. We can't rush it!"

Xu Yi nodded then he said with a heavy expression, "Miss Wanwan, I won't hide it from you. There's a trickier issue at hand right now..."

"What is it?"

"The news of 9th master's grave illness leaked out somehow and now there's already quite a bit of reshuffling in the family clan. The old madam is worried about 9th master's health, so she doesn't allow him to interfere and she went to investigate the incident involving the traitor!" Xu Yi told Ye Wanwan the bare-faced truth.

Ye Wanwan froze. She couldn't help but recall what happened in her past life.

Back then, the old madam seemed to be the person who investigated the incident as well. In the end, when all the clues were just about to be pieced together, the old madam passed away suddenly and the clues vanished.

At that point in time, the Si family told outsiders that the old madam passed away due to a serious sickness, but how could there be such a coincidence? She passed away the day before she was about to confront the traitor. The mastermind behind the scenes definitely had something to do with the old madam's death...

Once they were sure Si Ye Han's health would continue to deteriorate, the mastermind would definitely become even more fearless...

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