Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 439: Not bitter at all

Chapter 439: Not bitter at all

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Ye Wanwan stood by the door. She hesitated for a long time but she was worried that if she delayed any longer, it would impact the effectiveness of the medicine, so she pushed the door open and went in.

Behind Ye Wanwan, the two maids followed behind her as they were worried and peeped through the crack of the door.

The two of them reconsidered it and felt that making Ye Wanwan deliver the medicine didn't seem right. This was their duty after all - how could they simply push it onto Miss Ye?

If Miss Ye had any accidents while delivering the medicine or if something happened, how could they bear this responsibility?

On the huge grey bed, the pale man sat there like a rock, not moving at all.

The wind blew in through the windows, lifting up a corner of his shirt and revealing a section of his thin, bony arms.

In just a short month, he became thinner due to his busy schedule.

Ye Wanwan still had a stomachful of anger at first, but just seeing him face-to-face made her anger deflate like a needle puncturing a balloon.

Because the pungent smell of the Chinese medicine permeated the room, the man's frozen brows furrowed all of a sudden and he turned to the door.

How dare you frown!

This is something that could potentially save your life!

Ye Wanwan walked briskly towards the bedside.

Seeing that the person at the door was Ye Wanwan returning, a hint of surprise flashed in Si Ye Han's unmoving eyes and his gaze followed her until she arrived at his side.

At the door, the two maids watched Ye Wanwan walking towards Si Ye Han. They were so tense that they swallowed hard, making "gu lu" "gu lu" sounds.

9th young master's gaze... is really terrifying...

Ye Wanwan acted like she hadn't noticed Si Ye Han's furrowed brows. She removed the cap of the Chinese medicine she was holding.

Suddenly, a waft of pungent Chinese medicine attacked her nostrils; it was so strong that Ye Wanwan started coughing violently, nearly puking...


Old Sun...

Isn't this a little brutal, huh?

This medicine is too horrifying!

But he has to drink it - this is something that could save him. No matter how bitter it is, he just has to gulp it down and it's over. It's much better than having a sickly body, failing organs and having to go through surgeries to change his organs, right?

Hence, Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and continued on with a cold expression. She looked at him and said, "Take your medicine."

At the door, the two maids witnessed this scene and their hearts went straight to their throats. They only hoped that Miss Ye had some special technique to persuade 9th master to take his medicine on time and that there wouldn't be any incidents...

The two of them were preoccupied with their thoughts as they watched 9th young master lifting his eyes, extending his arm and taking the cup of medicine from Ye Wanwan's hands.

Three minutes later, the bottom of the cup could be seen.

The two maids blinked, looked at each other, looked at the emptied cup and couldn't believe what happened for a very long time.

This... he finished it just like that?

Miss Ye didn't even do anything!

She simply stood there and said three words: take your medicine.

That worked?

After seeing that Si Ye Han had obediently taken the medicine, Ye Wanwan's expression became much gentler.

As she smelled the pungent smell of Chinese medicine in the air and watched him finish it in one gulp without a change in expression at all from beginning till end, she couldn't help but soften her heart. She asked, "Was it alright? Was it really nasty?"

Hearing her question, Si Ye Han glanced at her, stretched his arms, held her head, leaned forward and covered her lips with his...

In that split second, the smell of the Chinese medicine mixed with his cool breath instantly saturated all her senses...

Ye Wanwan: "..." Damn!

After a few seconds, Ye Wanwan pushed him away and like a cat who had stepped on her own tail, she stumbled towards the teapot nearby and gulped down several cups of water!

She was merely asking a question; she didn't really want to know how nasty it was, alright?

Damn it, is this guy even human? Or does he not have any taste buds? He actually managed to drink all of that in one gulp?

After Ye Wanwan drank a few cups of water, she gave Si Ye Han one as well, obviously still annoyed. "For you."

"No need." Si Ye Han propped his head up slightly and spoke in a casual tone like he had just drunk a cup of tea.

"Didn't you find it bitter?" Ye Wanwan asked in amazement.

Si Ye Han: "Not bitter at all."

Ye Wanwan: "..." He's definitely not human!


Author Jiong: 9th master, you're a real man! Was it really not bitter at all?

Si Ye Han: With my wife's kisses, I don't taste any bitterness~ ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Author Jiong: Pretend like I didn't ask...


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