Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 438: How could I not care?

Chapter 438: How could I not care?

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At the door, the old madam was standing sideways. She moved aside and watched the girl run away in a hurry and felt a little moved.

Ay, this child...

In the bedroom, the man was staring in the direction the girl had gone with a darkness in his eyes that couldn't be dispelled.

Not care about my life?

How could I not care...

She's closer and closer to me...

More and more real...

Like I could touch her...


After Ye Wanwan ran out, she found a spot next to a little flowerbed by herself and sulked.

I'm really about to die of rage from that non-human.

Who on earth would talk to his business partner over the phone, saying he would discuss the project in three days right after his vital energy was drained from overworking himself, surviving an assassination attempt and being diagnosed with only six months to live?

Even if a person didn't want to live anymore, they wouldn't do this to themselves, right?

If she'd known he didn't even care about his life, why would she go out of her way just to save him?

Ye Wanwan felt as if she was a fool.

Forget it...

Let him do whatever he wants...

If he doesn't cooperate and doesn't care about his own body, anything I do would be useless!

Ye Wanwan was about to get up when she heard two people whispering.

"You bring it over!"

"No no no, you should be the one, you go! The previous time I went in, 9th young master was working. He merely looked up and I couldn't even walk anymore!"

"Wei, why's it me again? I already went once already! You know 9th young master hates Chinese medicine! I carried the medicine over and could feel 9th young master's murderous aura even from ten meters away! What's worse is that if 9th young master does his work and forgets to take his medication on time, we'll be punished by old madam!"

"Let her punish us then! I'm not afraid of old madam's punishment; 9th young master really is too scary. Before, when Xiao Zhang brought his medications in, he accidentally walked right into 9th young master waking up. I'm not sure whether 9th young master awoke from a nightmare or something, but he immediately took a gun out from his bedside and Xiao Zhang was so scared that he peed his pants..."

"Then... then what should we do... I heard 9th young master fainted from exhaustion... his emotions are definitely even more unstable, huh..."

"Why... why don't we wait and see how it goes?"

"I think we can just accept our punishments already..."


A sigh echoed from around the corner then someone said, "Give it to me."

Someone suddenly emerged from the flowerbed, startling the two little maids so much that their souls nearly flew out.


"Miss... Miss Ye? Why're you here?"

The little maid was surprised.

Ye Wanwan had been squatting under the flowerbed. Her anger was already gone but she ended up overhearing the two little maids whispering, pushing the responsibility onto each other. Finally, they were so afraid that they decided to delay giving the master his medication and preferred to receive punishment over delivering the medicine to him.

The medicine had to be taken on time for it to be effective - how could it be delayed?!

Ye Wanwan said expressionlessly, "I was cooling off in the shade. Aren't you girls going to deliver the medicine? Give it to me, I was about to look for 9th young master, so I'll bring it over to him."

"Re-really!" The two maids suddenly let out a happy sigh of relief. The way they looked at Ye Wanwan was as if they were looking at the Goddess of Mercy who rescued people from their hardships.

"Thank you, Miss Ye!"

"Thank you! Miss Ye, be careful, don't burn your hands!"

The two maids thanked her continuously then carefully passed a small cup of Chinese medicine to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan stared at the medicine in her hands and shut her eyes, annoyed.

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