Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 440: Shocking news

Chapter 440: Shocking news

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Not long after Ye Wanwan left after giving Si Ye Han the medicine, the mobile phone in the bedroom started ringing once again.

Si Ye Han was motionless for a few seconds then he answered the call. "Hello."

"I'm fine, the reception was bad just now."

After listening to the person on the other end, Si Ye Han continued: "Sorry, there's been a little accident. I'm afraid we have to delay the negotiation by a month."


"The Si Corporation will take responsibility for any consequences and losses."


Late at night, at a certain luxurious manor in Imperial City:

"Ah—— ah ah ah... it hurts! HURTS! It hurts so much! Gentler! Are you all trying to kill me?"

The man continued howling and wailing in pain. His shouts resounded through the manor as a group of servants trembled, not daring to even breathe loudly.

In the bedroom, a man with soft skin and tender flesh laid in bed. His back was beaten so badly that his skin was torn and his flesh was exposed, completely drenched in blood.

"Doctor, how's my son's condition?" Si Ming Li's face was gloomy as he asked anxiously.

He had already bribed people in the Prosecution Hall, but they also didn't dare make the bribery too obvious and only restrained themselves for two to three degrees of their strength in dealing out their punishment.

The doctor replied hesitantly, "This... the wounds on young master Yi Jie's back are all superficial wounds. They're not too bad and will heal in time. However, his bones in his right calf are damaged, I'm afraid..."

"Afraid what?" Si Ming Li glared.

The doctor summoned his courage and replied, "I'm afraid... he will be disabled all his life... it will affect how he walks..."

"What did you say? Disabled all his life?!" Si Ming Li slammed the table and stood up.

Wouldn't that mean Yi Jie will become a cripple?

"That Ye slut! I must make sure she suffers a terrible death!!!" Si Ming Li bellowed.

"What? What the h*** do you mean? You quack! What do you mean my leg is disabled? Does that mean I'll be a cripple?" Si Yi Jie laid in bed and started yelling furiously.

"Young master Yi Jie, don't move unnecessarily. We just stitched up your back, please stop moving!" The doctor quickly stopped him.

"Alright, you're dismissed!" Si Ming Li's face darkened.

"Ye... yes..." The doctor and the servants in the house retreated hurriedly.

"Dad, who's that slut? Was it Si Ye Han's woman? I'll break both her legs! I must make her suffer a painful death! This b****! Dad, how could you lose to a woman and even cause me to be in this state?!"

When Si Yi Jie heard that his leg was disabled, he got so mad that he nearly went crazy as he rambled on and shouted.

"Enough! Why don't you shut your trap!" Si Ming Li glared at his eldest son in anger.

His eldest son had become a cripple because of a woman. How could he swallow this down?

But even if he couldn't swallow it down, what could he do?

After the assassination attempt failed, there were no more good opportunities like this. The Si family would definitely step up their security and investigate this incident thoroughly.

To prevent themselves from being exposed, they would definitely be much more cautious with their actions for the next while.

As long as Si Ye Han remained in his seat, they wouldn't be able to touch a strand of hair on that woman's head!

Si Ming Li's face darkened. At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Si Ming Li said with annoyance.

One of Si Ming Li's trusted agents hurriedly pushed the door open and said to Si Ming Li excitedly, "Master, I managed to find out an extremely shocking piece of news from the Si family old residence! It's regarding Si Ye Han!"

"Shocking news? What shocking news?" Si Ming Li cast a sidelong glance.

The agent took a few steps closer, lowered his voice and said excitedly, "I got news from the spy that Si Ye Han is suffering from a serious illness. He won't last six months!"

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