Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 432: Do you still have any problems?

Chapter 432: Do you still have any problems?

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Si Ming Li gritted his teeth. "Master's decision is according to the family rules. I wouldn't dare to have any objections."

Si Ming Li's face was gloomy and his cold eyes shot daggers at Ye Wanwan.

This darn woman, she actually caused me to be in this state!

Si Ming Li said sharply, "Master, it's fine if you want to punish me, but my loyalty towards the Si family has been witnessed by heaven and earth! Even if you punish me, we still have to conduct a thorough check on this woman! At least I presented concrete evidence when I suspected Xu Yi, but this woman is simply using her words - we can't rely on her words alone!"

"Who knows whether that mole existed or not? What if shes's from the Murderous Blood Gang after all?"

"She's the future mistress of the household. With such a status, if she turns out to be a spy from the Murderous Blood Gang, the consequences would be unimaginable! Master, please look at the big picture!"

The moment Si Ming Li said those words, the elders looked at each other and started voicing their opinions softly.

Actually, Si Ming Li's suspicions don't seem unreasonable...

Si Ming Rong's face was stiff - he agreed to bring the woman in for investigation only for the sake of safety.

When Xu Yi and Xu Chang Kun witnessed this situation, they started to panic.

This Si Ming Li! He's going to grab ahold of Miss Wanwan and refuse to let her off today!

If Master insists on protecting Miss Wanwan today, Si Ming Li obviously can't do anything about it. But by doing so, it goes against everyone else and would also leave Miss Wanwan in danger still...

Si Ye Han's long and slender fingers lightly rapped against the handrest of the sofa. "What fourth great uncle means is that Wanwan is a mole the Murderous Blood Gang planted in the Si family and she saved me on purpose to gain my trust?"

"Exactly! Since this woman's motive wasn't to assassinate the master, she must be doing it to get intel and she can only get intel by gaining the trust of the master!" Si Ming Li's tone was confident and he glared at Ye Wanwan with murderous intentions in his eyes.

She's just a young brat, it should be a piece of cake to get rid of her!

"Wanwan..." Si Ye Han suddenly glanced at Ye Wanwan then said, "Where's the stuff?"

Stuff? What stuff?!

When everyone heard that, they all turned to Ye Wanwan at the same time. Even Xu Yi was confused.

Ye Wanwan blinked, then obediently dug through her bag and managed to find a wrinkled stack of documents...

"Let fourth great uncle take a look," Si Ye Han smiled faintly.

Ye Wanwan then obediently brought the documents to Si Ming Li.

Si Ming Li glanced at her then coldly took the files from her. The moment he saw the first page, his face darkened. When he flipped the page, his face became as dark as the bottom of a pot!

"This... this... isn't this the highly classified information and draft contract for this project..." Si Ming Li's face changed completely.

Si Ye Han actually placed such an important document with this woman for safekeeping?!

When everyone heard that, they all turned their heads to look and were shocked.

"What... classified information of the energy project...?"

"Even the draft contract..."

"This... master's too trusting towards this woman, huh!"

Just how much trust must you have to allow a person to keep such an important document!

Considering the level of trust Si Ye Han already had for this woman, why would she go through such an act to gain his trust? Wouldn't that be a joke?

Si Ye Han said plainly, "Now, fourth great-uncle, do you still have any problems?"

Si Ming Li gripped the documents tightly and almost fainted from a lack of breath. It was only after some time that he managed to cough out some words with a reddened face, "No... no..."

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