Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 433: Saved him

Chapter 433: Saved him

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Xu Yi stared at the documents and heaved a sigh of relief. He could finally put down the huge rock in his heart.

Master not only gave the documents containing classified information to Miss Wanwan for safekeeping; on normal days, he wouldn't hide anything from her. Liu Ying, Qin Ruo Xi, himself and many others from senior management could testify to this.

If Miss Wanwan wanted to dish out any information, that would be very easy. Why would she go through all the trouble of pretending to save the master?

Now, at least nobody would be suspicious of Miss Wanwan anymore...

As expected, Si Ming Li and the rest of the elders were speechless.

Although Si Ming Rong was somewhat upset at Si Ye Han for placing such important documents in the care of a woman, Ye Wanwan was currently the future mistress of the Si family, so Si Ye Han's actions were completely understandable and not a problem at all. Hence, he could only remain silent.

At this moment, Qin Ruo Xi who was in the corner, saw those documents and her face turned pale.

This classified information... even I haven't seen these documents before, yet Ah-Jiu actually handed them to this woman...

At first, she wasn't worried about Ye Wanwan at all.

Considering Ye Wanwan's family background, talent, studies, and actions, marrying into the Si family was like a foolish person's dream, so why would she degrade herself to compete with someone like Ye Wanwan?

However, after this trip to country B, she didn't have a choice but to start to take note of this woman.

How could this woman be so lucky?

Of all people, the mole chose to speak to her and allowed her to take credit for saving so many people. She even saved Xu Yi today, meaning Xu Yi now owed her a great debt. When Si Ming Li was about to make things hard for her, Ah-Jiu happened to wake up...

The old madam loved her grandson and was worried Si Ye Han would overexert himself, so she quickly said, "Alright alright, now everything's clear. If there's nothing else, all of you should go back. We'll talk again when Little 9th's health is better!"

It was the end of a good show. Everyone looked sympathetically at the Si Ming Li who had suffered great losses today and they all took their leave.

"Yes, old madam! We'll get a move on then!"

"Please take care of your health, master!"


As Si Ye Han had difficulty moving around, Ye Wanwan saw the elders out.

At the door:

Xu Chang Kun looked at the weak and delicate girl before him. His muddy and old eyes were overwhelmed with gratitude. "If it wasn't for Miss Wanwan, I'm afraid the Xu family would've been sentenced to eternal damnation! For Miss Wanwan's kindness today, I, Xu Chang Kun, will remember this for the rest of my life!"

Extermination and death weren't the worst part; the scariest thing was that the Xu family had been so loyal and true for so many years, yet they would've had to bear the humiliation of being "traitors" for their entire lives.

Xu Chang Kun took a deep bow towards the girl.

Ye Wanwan quickly helped Xu Chang Kun up. "Uncle Xu, you're too kind. I was only speaking the truth just now."

When Xu Chang Kun heard that, he shook his head and smiled bitterly. Under those circumstances, not a single person in the whole family spoke up for the Xu family. None of them believed them, yet a young lady like Wanwan actually stepped forward to stop the bodyguard from beating Xu Yi.

Just this point alone was remarkable.

Ye Wanwan spoke and turned to Xu Yi at the same time. "Anyway, housekeeper Xu has always taken care of me and I give him quite a bit of trouble..."

When Xu Yi heard what Ye Wanwan said, he lowered his head, ashamed.

She actually risked her life to save him just because of those trivial things he did in passing. If master hadn't woken up on time, he wouldn't dare to imagine what the consequences would be...

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