Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 431: Help me over

Chapter 431: Help me over

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The man's hair was as dark as ink, his eyes were like ice, his red lips showed the only color on his pale face, and his white, sickly collarbones peeked out of his loose and thin pajamas. There was a gloomy aura encircling him.

He looked so severely ill, yet it didn't affect his aura at all; instead, it made everyone feel like they were in extreme danger...

Ye Wanwan was dumbstruck and stood rooted to the ground.

The Si Ye Han who was in a coma for three entire months in my past life...

Actually woke up at this moment...

This ruthless and gloomy man before her eyes used to be the greatest nightmare of her life.

She even cursed him to death several times.

However, considering that he was standing upright in front of her despite how weak he was, seeing that he had finally regained consciousness, her eyes started to sting uncontrollably...

At this moment, the man's flawless face was expressionless. When the girl walked up to him, a subtle trace of light finally flashed in his dark eyes.

"Help me over."

"Oh..." Ye Wanwan came back to her senses and quickly helped him over to the sofa opposite.

Seeing that her grandson had woken up, the old madam was very excited. "Little 9th, you're up. But you're still sick! Why did you get out of bed? Hurry, go back and lie down!"

"Grandma, I'm fine," Si Ye Han said. His gaze slowly turned to Si Ming Li, who was standing amongst the elders.

Everybody had their heads down and nobody dared to breathe loudly. As the mastermind, Si Ming Li felt very guilty and at this moment, he was in a panic.

The old madam felt somewhat uncomfortable and she worried that her grandson would be troubled by the turn of events, so she quickly explained: "Little 9th, this wasn't anything big. We had some misunderstandings but things have been cleared up now. There were some confusing points with this incident, so your fourth great uncle wanted Wanwan to cooperate with the investigation..."

"Cooperate with the investigation?" Si Ye Han said plainly but his voice was piercingly cold, causing people's bodies to tremble.

"Yes... yes, that's right..."

Thus, Si Ming Li could only summon his courage and he gave a detailed account of what happened from beginning till end. Then he bowed slightly like he was giving his heartfelt words of advice as he said, "Master, it was a slip of the tongue in a moment of anxiety just now and I didn't get the old madam's permission. However, I was so cautious only for the sake of the Si family!"

Initially, Si Ming Li's plan was flawless, but who knew that this dumb brat would ruin everything for him?

He couldn't touch Xu Yi now, but he wouldn't let this brat off. Otherwise, how was he going to resolve the hatred in his heart?

Since she wanted to act as a heroine and save Xu Yi, I'll let her be the scapegoat then!

Si Ming Li's plan was well-thought-out, but he never expected that... Si Ye Han would gain consciousness at this moment! And at just the right time!

If he woke up a second later, this woman would be dead!

Now that Si Ye Han was awake, things immediately became very difficult...

When Si Ye Han heard that, he nodded slightly. "Fourth great uncle, thank you. According to the family rules, one who makes decisions without authorization will have to be beaten 100 times with the rod. Considering fourth great uncle's old age, these 100 beatings will be borne by your son."

"Wh... what?" Si Ming Li's face instantly changed when he heard that.

Punishments weren't carried out by any ordinary servant, but they were all done by professionals from the prosecution hall. These 100 beatings by the rod would disable a person for sure!

What family rules? They're all just words from his mouth and he really just wants to punish me!

Si Ye Han supported his head with one hand as he raised his deep eyes slightly. "Fourth great uncle, you have an objection?"

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