Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 430: 9th master's awake

Chapter 430: 9th master's awake

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"Uncle Xu, don't mention it. I was just speaking the truth," Ye Wanwan said.

"Hehe..." Si Ming Li sneered then raised some difficult questions suddenly, "Yes, we wronged Xu Yi, but there must be some problems with you."

"Who knows if you're a mole secretly planted in our Si family - you saved our master this time on purpose to gain the trust of the Si family and the master in order to reach your greatest goal. Of course, all these need to be decided by the prosecution hall. And you should make your way there for further investigation then we'll all know what exactly is the truth!"

Prosecution hall?

If I go into the prosecution hall, will I even be alive when I come out?

Si Ming Li walked briskly towards the old madam and Si Ming Rong.. "Second brother, sister-in-law, this woman is very cunning, I suggest we investigate this clearly today! This issue relates to the entire Si family and if the future mistress of the household is a mole from the enemy..."

Si Ming Rong had always held the principle of killing ten thousand over letting one go, so his attitude was naturally inclined towards Si Ming Li's side.

Si Ming Rong said, "It's best to be prudent and have a thorough investigation. This is necessary."

This matter is of great importance . The old madam frowned but didn't say anything.

Si Ming Li observed the situation and didn't wait for the old madam to speak. He turned towards the door impatiently and yelled, "Guards! Lock her up!"

A couple of highly-trained guards nodded and walked towards Ye Wanwan.

"You... all of you!" Xu Yi was panicking. He wanted to say something at first but when he thought of the awkward situation he was in, he could only keep mum otherwise he might make the situation worse.

Xu Chang Kun had the same sentiment - he immediately shook his head at Xu Yi, signaling for him to not make a sound.

They could only come up with something after this family meeting!

Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes . Could it be that I have to die here today?

Although she was very sure that she could prove Xu Yi's innocence, she forgot that the gap between her status and Si Ming Li's was too large...

In front of this formidable power, all the strategies were of no use.

I'm too weak right now...

The ruthless and cold bodyguards walked towards Ye Wanwan, their bulky hands grabbing her forcefully...


Just at this moment, in the midst of the chaos, there was suddenly an extremely soft voice.

That voice was very soft yet it was like a gust of cold northern winds, freezing everyone instantly.

All the noise suddenly disappeared. Everyone kept quiet like there was a sharp knife held against their throats; none of them dared to make a sound.

Everyone turned towards the direction of the sound...

Then, they saw that Si Ye Han had actually woken up!

The man was dressed in loose thin pajamas. He supported himself with the door frame and stood there, his face was totally pale without any color, his steps were very unstable, his deep, cold and enigmatic eyes were shrouded in darkness.

"Fourth great uncle, I'm not sure when the Si family became a place where you're the one who makes all the decisions?"

The man's hoarse voice resounded in everybody's ears.

He was just a sickly weak man who could faint anytime yet everybody looked as though they had taken a glimpse of hell; they were terror-stricken and scared out of their wits.

Especially for Si Ming Li, the arrogance he had just now was gone completely, his entire face filled with fear and his forehead was instantly covered in fine beads of sweat. He opened his mouth as if wanting to speak, yet he was so frightened that he couldn't get the words out...

"Ma... master..."

"9th master's awake!"


Everyone finally reacted to it one after another.

Si Ye Han's indifferent gaze didn't pause at anyone. It went past everybody and landed on Ye Wanwan. "Come here."

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